Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Delayed #TBRChallenge Post: Can't Sleep Clowns'll Eat Me

So COVID-19 has taken over my life in a big way at The Day Job. Long days. Many in a row. Working on days off.  Trying to get staff situated, reworking schedules, tweaking workflows to accommodate said reworkings.  Fun times!

So needless to say I'm not meeting my own #TBRChallenge deadline.  I do hope to get the book I picked out read, um eventually, and post a review later - and I'm hoping to land back into some work/life balance soon.  In the meantime, stay safe Romancelandia.  Be kind to each other.


A Library Girl said...

Good luck getting everything set up and figured out at work. The library my mom works (public) for finally closed a few days ago - no working from home, at least not for the folks at her branch, although thankfully they're all still getting paid. My library (academic) is still open, with students expected to come back from Spring Break next week. Some changes have been made to the physical library space, a nod to the virus and current social distancing recommendations, but I'm still worried that folks are going to die because of this decision to remain open. And staff can only work from home if they are able to get a doctor's note, and even then it's a case-by-case basis.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry, Wendy that job and life stress are so intertwined right now. Everyone who is being impacted by this stupid virus right now is my thoughts. I mean, I'm being impacted by it too, but only in the broad sense of "my kids are going to be home how long? F*&%cking H*ll!" way. I hope everyone takes some time to unplug and read good romance.

I interpreted "Seasons" kind of liberally and read "Tikka Chance on Me" by Suleikha Snyder. This was a really cute small town romance/bad boy biker romance with a bit of twist. I don't really want to say more although I've seen some reviews "spoil" it and the reveal does come fairly early on. Actually seeing the spoiler is what helped me decide to buy it, so take that as you will. Pinky is good girl working in her parents' Indian restaurant and Trucker is the bad boy biker who is a regular. And they have super hot chemistry that they give into one day and then they can't stop.

This was very cute and sexy. Some things fell together a little bit too easily, but it was novella length and sometimes it's fun to read some pure wish fulfillment. I'll just say Chris Evans in a leather jacket and leave it at that. ;-)

Dorine said...

I understand completely. I just can't concentrate on reading right now. We've been self-isolated for a week. I'm reading, but not fast enough. I have a great book picked out with "summer" in the title, so mine will be late as well. I need some summer thoughts, so I'll get to it soon. :)

Our libraries closed yesterday until April.

Do what you need to do and good luck!

Jen Twimom said...

Sending warm hugs your way. Stay safe and hopefully you will get some rest soon.

LibraryMaven said...

Illinois libraries are closed. We're sheltering in place now so the streets are eerily quiet. I keep having visions of that movie On the Beach. Deserted San Francisco, the shot at the end of an empty street with everyone dead but the city is still left.

Before this the city of Chicago made the great decision to close the schools but keep the libraries open, send the part-timers home and let the librarians handle everything. Oh, great, like somehow being fulltime meant it was OK be exposed to all kinds of illnesses the patrons kindly brought in to share with us. (In past I've had people come direct from the doctor's office to ask me to look up their medicines before they filled the prescription....and had one drop in front of me so I had to call the paramedics.) Now at least librarians can close the doors and do virtual reference work and less babysitting.

Romance writers are kindly releasing some books for free. I've been re-reading some of my favorites from my Kindle. AND, I was thrilled to learn that our local liquor store has arranged to keep operating with online sales and pickup! I'm planning on buying a BIG bottle of red and eating some comforting stew from the freezer. Keep safe all of you and READ ON.

Wendy said...

Thanks for all the nice comments everybody! I still haven't read one word of my TBR Challenge book (also has Summer in the title!) but I'm hoping I can get some reading in this evening. I've basically been on call at work since my library system announced closure on March 15. I oversee the division that handles all books & materials purchasing and it's been a lot of 1) start working on this plan to 2) oh no, things have changed chuck that plan work on this new plan to finally 3) getting staff settled and continuing to work - which has meant juggling schedules, workstations and implementing some telework. Thank the Lord I have an assistant to help me and a really, really good boss.

Alie: Your comment is a few days old now - hopefully things have changed?

Jill: Sigh, that's STILL in my TBR. It's a novella too. I should read it soon given my limited attention span of late.

Library Maven: I've been following the Chicago story closely, as I think most librarians have! Libraries don't want to close, but honestly, the "logic" of keeping them open when they've shut down most businesses and schools? I mean, it's not safe for folks to be there - what makes them think public libraries are somehow "different?" If anything it's worse given the HUGE cross-section of people we see daily.

Stay safe everybody. Socially distance yourself with a good book :)