Saturday, May 6, 2017

#ShallowReader Bingo for April 2017

April was a Lost Month for me.  Between work and visiting family I only finished three books (and the last one was completed on April 30 - that's the kind of month it was).  So it's rather amazing I was able to complete two full BINGO rows.  Also, because I made BINGO last month, Vassiliki let me suggest another square - and for the curious "Hollywood" was my suggestion.

Squares: Sweet City Woman, Sleepless Nights, Wild Ride, Drinks O' Clock, No Questions Asked, West Side, Hollywood and Party.  What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin is a suspense novel set in southern California about a woman who spent 30+ years in prison for murdering a famed Hollywood director.  She falls under suspicion again when her father-in-law, a legendary Hollywood actor is found shot dead in his home - killed in the same manner as his BFF, the director the heroine was convicted of killing when she was just 17-years-old.  Lots of secrets, lies, and shady shenanigans in this one and it was nominated for the Edgar for Best Novel.

Squares: Exploring, Now, Morass.  My TBR Challenge read, The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers. There's an exploring theme to the romance, it's a contemporary and I found the whole thing rather sluggish.  The writing didn't work for me.  At all.  And the more I think about The Big Secret the angrier I get.

Squares: Chasing the Light, The Perfect Kiss.  The Lighthouse Keeper by Cynthia Ellingsen. When her life implodes in Boston the heroine impulsively bids on (and wins!) a lighthouse in northern Michigan.  It's there that she meets the hero, who, when he kisses her, sets off all sorts of sparks her former fiance' failed to ignite.


ValancyBlu said...

I love it when a book takes up mutliple BINGO squares - it's like the book is both efficient AND your friend...

And I definitely going to check the Lighthouse Keeper - I have a shelf of cozy-type small-home-towny books that it will fit in with VERY nicely.

Wendy said...

Valancy: Yeah, What Remains of Me was the book that kept on giving this month. If I were more imaginative I would have found a way to fill out every square with that book.

What I liked most about The Lighthouse Keeper was the cozy setting and the mystery. There's a nice, light mystery running throughout without any blood, gore etc. The kind of book I used to devour in my younger years before cozy mysteries went all Magical Knitting Baking Cats.

Vassiliki said...

April and now May is a lost month for me too. How did we end up in mid-May already? I too love it when multiple squares match the one book.