Sunday, December 6, 2015

Deal Alert: Some Favorite Historical Westerns

I don't have the time or inclination to do "deal" alerts on the blog because - well - I just don't.  But these two crossed my path yesterday and are too awesome to not shout about from the rooftops. 

Please Note: I have no clue how long these deals are going to last, so don't let moss grow and all that.
Seduced by Molly O'Keefe is currently free.  O'Keefe is best known for her contemporary romances, and this is not only her first historical western, but the first in a series.  It's what I would call a long novella - probably somewhere around 150 pages and it's pretty great from start to finish.  It reminded me quite a bit of the grittier western milieu that Maggie Osborne used to work in.

I reviewed this one back when it was first published in 2014, and it was a very strong B+ read.
The entire Rock Creek Six series by Lori Handeland and Linda Winstead Jones is now available in a box set and only 99 cents!!!!  I read these back when they were first published (early 2000s) pre-blogging days (so prior to 2003) and it was one of my first binge-reads. 

Originally published by Kensinton's now-defunct Ballad line, I was assigned book three in the series, Rico, to review while I was with The Romance Reader.  I enjoyed it quite a bit (a B read), and naturally ran out and bought the remaining five books - inhaling all of them in a matter of a couple of days.  The premise of the series is that it follows six men who fought in the Civil War together and now that the war is over?  They travel west and hire themselves out as "guns for hire."  One of the heroines hires the whole lot of them to clean up her tiny, lawless town.

I'll be frank - I need to reread these to see how well they hold up, but I loved the whole series ten years ago.  The books are packaged in the box set in reading order.  The first book, Reese, was probably my least favorite (I rated it a B- at the time) - while the final two, Nate (which was nominated for a RITA) and Cash were my favorites.  These are full-length novels (300+ pages) and the whole series, packaged in reading order, in one box set for 99 cents?!  Heck, I own all of these in print and bought this just on the mere principle of the thing.

Happy downloading and hopefully happy reading.  If you do give these a whirl, I hope you end up enjoying them as much as I did.


Drea said...

Thanks for posting these Westerns! When Harlequin had their sale last month (to celebrate a decade of e-books or something), I searched through your blog to find all the Westerns you recommended so I could pick them all up. These deals will be a good way to break up my Donna Alward binge.:)

Wendy said...

Drea: I had hoped to find the time during the Harlequin sale to post some recommendations and....yeah, that didn't happen. So I'm glad you persevered and found some by going through the blog archives. Hopefully you found some good reads!

For anybody reading the comments - the O'Keefe sale is already over (::sadface::), but the box set is still 99 cents (at this moment....)

Amy said...

Rock Creek, I remember discussing that series over at SL. Still haven't read it. Is that group still around?

Wendy said...

Amy: Group still around just inactive. I think most of us are on Facebook now and that seems to be how we're keeping up these days :)