Monday, July 20, 2015

Travel, And Finding The Bar Bash Tribe

So I'm typing this from New York City where the humidity is somewhere around 350% (true story). My travel day was fairly uneventful except for flying with The Stinky Musician Hippy Twins.  OK, so they weren't twins.  But they were musicians, one of whom I overhead say he was approaching 40-years-old.  Which means way too old for them to be Stinky.  As in stale body odor stinky.  As in, we rolled out of bed and didn't bother to at least sponge themselves off stinky.  So that was fun.  Luckily they weren't sitting next to me, but one row back - which meant I was only assailed with odor during boarding and unboarding.  And go me - I got two books read in flight!  Wahooey!  Reviews will have to wait until post-RWA because no way they're getting done while I'm here.

Tomorrow I plan on meeting a college friend for lunch and then it's back to the hotel to start catching up with The Tribe.  Speaking of The Tribe - for those of you hoping to swing by the hotel bar after the Literacy Signing - the bar is on the 8th floor near hotel registration.  Look for me - wearing this scarf (look, martini glasses!).  I'll also be rocking black slacks and a gray Oxford shirt with the sleeve rolled up to my elbows.  And, you know, I'll have my name badge on.  Hope to see a bunch of you there!

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azteclady said...

Oh Wendy, my envy of all those who will enjoy your company (and of you, who'll get to hang out and room with Kristie!!!) (plus the books, and that TRIBE, and the books, and talking about books, and the bloggers and readers and writers and books), knows no bounds.

It is in my bucket list to attend RWA again, just so I can talk books with you in person again.

I hope you have loads of fun, and that you manage to a)not lose your voice (hey, miracles do happen, right?), and b) blog at least once.

(I won't comment on inconsiderate people who will subject their fellow travelers to their BO)