Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Calm Before The Storm

Yesterday was my one free day before I hit the conference running.  The last time RWA was in New York, I did all the stuff I really wanted to do then, so this year I'm feeling much more leisurely.  I decided to go to The Morgan Library and Museum after AnimeJune blogged about it and had a nice visit.  They currently have an Alice in Wonderland exhibit, but I'll be honest.  I was mostly there to see some JP Morgan's private collection, library and study.  It didn't disappoint. It almost makes me want to consider a career on Wall Street - except, you know, I'm not ruthless.

After that I met up with my former college roommate who has lived in the City for over a decade now (I'm not sure when we got old, but it happened).  She caught me up on the lives of mutual former drinking buddies friends and I gorged myself on sushi.  As you do.

I made it back to the hotel by mid-afternoon just in time for the arrival of KristieJ!  We talked books, and gossiped (as you do) and then I had to make my way downstairs to meet up with author Laura Florand, who is my partner for today's Librarians Day presentation.  By that point Kristie was getting hungry and hey, Wendy can always eat - so off to the bar.  Rosie, who had gone to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with Nath and Ames was back by this point, and along with World Famous Author, LB Gregg joined us.  Nath and Ames arrived, and eventually Limecello arrived to regal us with her travel day (short versions: long and not good).

All of this adds up to Wendy staying up way too late and now here it is 7AM and I'm blogging.  When I need to be downstairs in roughly 30 minutes for Librarians Day sign-in.  As you do.  Which reminds me it's time for my annual RWA blogging disclaimer - links, spelling, grammar are all a crap-shoot this week folks.  I know those things are normally pretty dicey around here even without RWA going on, but just roll with it, OK?


Kristie (J) said...

As soon as I saw you, it was as if I lost saw you a month or so again. I love that feeling

nath said...

It is soooo pretty. Wished I had a library like that :P

Wendy said...

Kristie: I know, right? And it had been like two years. We picked right up where we left off :)

Nath: You and me both. All we have to do is become ruthless Wall Street tycoons.