Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crowdsourcing Twitter for RomCom Recs

I was out at a library yesterday doing a program about (what else?) romance novels.  The idea of the program was talk about upcoming releases, trends, what's popular right now etc.  It was a smaller group, so very informal, and questions started flying.  Then a former colleague asked me for author recommendations for romantic comedy.

It is a truth, universally acknowledged that the moment Wendy is asked for recommendations her brain freezes up.  Most of the time I'm sitting in front of a computer when this happens, and good ol' Google comes to my rescue.  Not this time though, and I only managed to squeeze out a couple of names.  Certainly, there must be more!

Which, hello - of course there are.  So I called on the expertise of Romance Twitter and everyone subsequently made me feel like a brain-dead moron.  Keira Soleore asked if I was going to do a blog post - and now here we are.  Feel free to shout-out more suggestions in the comments section.


Sandra Antonelli
Jennifer Crusie
LB Gregg (male/male)
Kristan Higgins
Julie James
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Penny Reid
Jill Shalvis
Vicki Lewis Thompson (early work, also paranormal)
Lucy Woodhull


Connie Brockway (specifically Bridal series and Songbird's Seduction)
Tessa Dare
Megan Frampton
Georgette Heyer
Julia Quinn


G.A. Aiken
Dana Marie Bell
Molly Harper
Shelly Laurenston
Katie MacAllister (also historicals!)


Emma Chase
Portia Da Costa (Wendy endorses In Too Deep)
RL Mathewson
Charlotte Stein (Wendy endorses Addicted)

In the British Tradtion

Helen Fielding
Marian Keyes
Sophie Kinsella
Jill Mansell


Kim in Baltimore said...

Add Michele Gorman to your Brit Chick Lit list ... love her work with Notting Hill Press.

Brianna (The Book Vixen) said...

Alice Clayton. Loved her Redhead series.

BevBB said...

One of the funniest romances I've ever read was Best Laid Schemes by Emma Jensen. Totally not sure if it was a one time aberration for her but it was absolutely hilarious. The monkey and the beagle scene alone is worth reading the book. Would've fit right into the best screwball comedy.

There's also another historical author who was noted for her funny stuff and I know she wrote several in that vein but I'm drawing a blank. The scenario I truly remember is about the heroine deciding to make ale and it either explodes or she ends up making everyone sick. Maybe both. Doesn't sound funny but it's hilarious the way it plays out. If I think of the author I'll let you know.

I probably have a bunch more cause I love the funny stuff but I'll have to look around and make you a list. ;-)

BevBB said...

I believe the one with the ale house is Wonderful by Jill Barnett but I'm going to have to reread it to make sure. ;-)

Keira Soleore said...

Thank you so much, Wendy, for putting this post together.

For historicals, I would add: Loretta Chase trads and Michelle Martin.

Hannah said...

One of the funniest historicals I've read in a long time is The Duke's Tattoo by Miranda Davis (and she's written a sequel or two that are in the same vein).
Amy Andrews writes very funny contempories

Wendy said...

Thanks for the added suggestions everybody!