Saturday, May 17, 2014

Various Ramblings At H&H

I've been really lax in "promoting" my H&H posts here at the blog and I've had three go up in recent memory.

I've had two First Looks go live, both historicals.  There's Deeanne Gist's latest inspriational historical, Fair Play which features a Texas Ranger hero, a doctor heroine, and the backdrop of the Chicago World's Fair.  I loved the setting and history in this story, although at times the characters drove me a little nutty.  A solid B- read for me.

Next up is Always a Stranger by Amara Royce.  A well-drawn Victorian London setting, a spare hero thrust into the heir role, a Japanese heroine, and a bit of suspense.  I found the romance a little slow in spots, but the plot is compelling and the dialogue very solid.  Another solid B-.

And finally, a round-up of unusual historicals coming out in May.  Like a dolt, I forgot to include the Royce title (that's why Baby Jesus created comments though!).  A potentially very good month for westerns - which as we all know, Wendy loves her some westerns.

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