Monday, February 24, 2014

Digital Review: Every Part Of You: Resists Me

Megan Hart continues her new Every Part of You serial with this second installment, simply titled Resists Me.  With a title like that, the bulk of this installment really shouldn't be all that shocking to the reader.  While Simone is sexy and confident, it's our hero, Elliott, who is holding himself back. He may be powerfully attracted to Simone, but he's not willing to follow her down the rabbit hole.  Yet, anyway.

At the end of Tempts Me, Simone challenges Elliott to a night on the town.  She ends up taking him dancing, where moving together on the dance floor leads to seduction - Simone seducing Elliott.  We already know from the first installment that Simone likes pain with her a pleasure, but since she's not into bondage or domination she has to be very careful when it comes to choosing partners.  She thinks she's got a read on Elliott, and the night they spend together only confirms her suspicions.  Now to convince Elliott of that.

Hart hasn't written anything revolutionary here, but I cannot tell you how refreshing I've found this serial thus far and it's all due to Simone.  Erotic romance has been flooded with unsure ingenues of late who suddenly realize they've been living pale empty lives once they hook up with a domineering asshole billionaire Dom.  Simone isn't aggressive so much as she is confident.  As she tells Elliott, she wants to keep having sex with him but she's not going to beg.  After all, she doesn't have to beg.  She's also the sort of woman who doesn't play games.  If she tells you the sky is green, it really means the sky has inexplicably turned green.  Elliott, used to a certain sort of woman, is totally discombobulated by Simone's frankness.  A spade is a spade for Simone and Elliott is unsure of what to do with that.  It would be easy to dismiss her if she was a flighty head case playing mind games with him, but instead?  She simply calls him out on his bullshit, walks away, and doesn't beg.

Not a whole lot happens in this installment, other than Elliott running scared and the author dropping a few more hints about his baggage.  The meat and potatoes are with Simone.  Simone is the kind of heroine who could turn a straight girl.  She's that magnificently wonderful.  Elliott is being a moron, for now, but that doesn't mean Simone is going to let him see her sweat.  He'll see her around their office building, but she'll look right through him.  And Elliott?  Naturally cannot stop thinking about her, even as he's trying to convince himself that she's wrong about him.

Final Grade = B

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