Friday, January 24, 2014

Over at H&H

I'm over at Heroes & Heartbreakers today with my latest "shopping list" of unusual historicals.

January was.....really thin.  Generally speaking December/January tend to be thin regardless of genre, with publishers glutting the market for fall and spring.  My disappointment this month was that I found zip that fit the bill from the digital presses.  C'mon guys!  I know historicals probably have more dismal sale numbers than, say, erotic romance featuring monster billionaire Dom heroes, but take pity on this poor gal.

Anyhoodle, you can see the full list here.  It's a nice reminder that I need to buy some westerns this month.....


Nikki said...

I am really looking forward to Boots Under Her Bed! Thanks for the reminder!

Wendy said...

Nikki: I need to get my hands on that one too. Lots of great western authors, and I'm intrigued by Alison Kent moving over to write a historical this go-around.