Thursday, December 19, 2013

Over At H&H

I've had two posts go live over at Heroes & Heartbreakers this week.

First up, a First Look of Forged in the Desert Heat by Maisey Yates - which is one of the all-time most glorious of Harlequin Presents sub-categories.....a sheikh romance.  I'm not a big fan of sheikh stories, but this one is pretty good, mostly because the author makes her heroine self-aware and the hero has all the delicious angsty baggage we've come to expect from Presents heroes over the years.  If I were grading it, I would say this one landed somewhere around my B-/B territory.

The other post was a collaboration, the first in a series of "Best of 2013" where H&H bloggers talk about their three favorite reads of the last year.  While I still plan on doing my usual year-end round-up on this blog (so many good B+ reads to talk about!), you can get a sneak peak over at H&H where I mention three A-rated titles I read last year.  Coincidentally, all books featuring "older" heroines. 

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