Friday, August 9, 2013

Tap, tap, tap - Is This Thing On?

So it's been a little quiet around the Bat Cave this week, and the three of you who read this blog will likely notice this trend continuing over the next few weeks.  Why?  Well, here it goes....


One of the things that Jennifer Lohmann and I brought up during our Librarians Day presentation at RWA last month was working with your local RWA chapters.  And by working with - this means developing a two-way street.  Nobody likes someone who just takes, takes, takes.  So in the Practicing What I Preach department, I am the "Top Pick" judge for OCCRWA's annual "published authors" contest called Book Buyer's Best.  I've actually judged in this contest before, as a first rounder - and contest judging is a good way of seeing what else is "out there" - essentially forcing me to escape my narrow little realm of category, historical and erotic romance.  Also in Professional Librarian Speak - it's good for reader's advisory.

My job is to read the nine finalists (the top scores in all nine of the categories) and pick the "Top Pick" or the "best one" as it were.  It's been a lot of fun - but this also means that I really am not comfortable talking about these books until after the contest is over and after OCCRWA makes the final announcement (I believe at their October meeting - which is also their anniversary celebration).  I'm pretty easy to track down via the Internet, and certainly I don't want to spoil it for anybody - but especially the authors whose books I'm currently wading through.  Right now I'm toying with the idea of doing a "round-up" style post after the contest is well and truly over.  Because, you know, I got things to say.  And asking me to not talk about books is keeeeeeling me!


My Detroit Tigers have now won 12 games in a row.  It's all baseball all the time around here.  Well except now that.....


Pre-season football has started.  My Man, it should be noted, is a major NFL fan despite the fact that we're both Buffalo Bills fans.  Being a Bills fan tends to require a fair amount of alcohol, a healthy dose of Buffalo wings, and usually ends with a lot of rocking back and forth in the corner while wailing, "Why, why, why?!?!?!?!"  over and over again.

Which means Wendy is, once again, on the hunt for A Bandwagon Team.  Which might cause some of you to think I'm not a "true fan" if I'm already looking for a bandwagon.  No, I'm a fan.  I'm just not, you know, a masochist.  And there's going to be more talent out tailgating in the Bills parking lot this season than on the actual field - so yeah.  Wendy needs a bandwagon.

It can't be the Lions.  Yes, yes, I'm from Michigan.  Which is why it can't be the Lions.  Never has a team had more talent and sucked so badly.  It's like they're a self-fulfilling prophecy of suckitude.  And it can't be the Saints.  Even though the Saints had been my bandwagon du jour since Hurricane Katrina.  I love you Drew Brees but that whole Bounty Gate thing?  So vile and deplorable that I can't condone it by planting my butt on your bandwagon.  (Sean Peyton should thank his lucky stars he wasn't "suspended indefinitely" like Gregg Williams.  Dude, that happened on YOUR watch.  They should have thrown away the key.)

So where does this leave me?  Right now, possibly Seattle - even though I have this irrational dislike for Pete Carroll.  They have a Mighty-Mite for a quarterback (the listed-at 5'11" Russell Wilson) and they have Beast-Mode running back Marshawn Lynch.  So yeah, maybe Seattle.  So long as Pete Carroll stays off-camera a lot.


And finally, I'm taking my annual sojourn to Michigan later next week.  Which, now that I'm wading through contest books, couldn't have come at a better time.  It's amazing how much I get read when I'm either 1) stuck at an airport or 2) stuck on an airplane.  The plan, such as it is, is to enjoy the fact that I'm off work, on vacation, have a chance to watch baseball with my Dad, and hopefully secure a mess of uninterrupted reading time.

It's the simple things.  Really, it is.


Gina @ Hott Books said...

Wendy there are so more than three of us!
Congrats on the being the loser... I mean, winner, and getting to judge ;)
I know how you feel, except that it's all soccer all the time... year round each and every freaking day .... I mean I love it!
So, have fun in Mich & enjoy your dad!!

nath said...

Good luck on finding a bandwagon Wendy! Great on your Detroit Tigers winning 12 games in a row. Impressive. And have fun in Michigan! Good for you that you can read in the airport and on the plane. I managed in the former, but can't on the latter :(

Collette said...

Go Bears!

Except of course since you're from Michigan it's almost as much of an impossibility to root for the Bears than if you were from Wisconsin.

But still...Go Bears! ;-)

Keishon said...

Your post almost always makes me laugh, Wendy. We will be here when you get back. I quit watching football when the team packed up and left to Tennessee. We have another team now but I don't follow them either. Have fun.

Lori said...

There are at least 5 of us here today. You underestimate your audience.

We're sort of swapping coasts. I'm a bit south of where you're headed and next week I head out for 2 weeks near San Jose. My flights were chosen for cheapness rather than shortness so yeah, I expect to get a lot of reading done while in transit. I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I fully expect to enjoy mine. (I'll be visiting my best friend, who I haven't seen in almost 2 years. Nothing short of major illness or natural disaster could ruin it.)

Susanna Fraser said...

Go Seattle! Choose Seattle!

I've always been more of an NCAA football fan than an NFL one. My alma mater (Penn) isn't much of a football school, so I've stuck with my family's rooting loyalties and am a big Auburn fan. Football is more about Saturday than Sunday in my world. But living here in Seattle I'm starting to catch Seahawks fever. Russell Wilson is very appealing, and I need someone local to root for besides the Mariners. It's been a depressing decade or so to be an M's fan.

Sheri said...

I do not follow football (unless you mean futbol) but what about the 49ers? You could come up here and catch a game at the new stadium.'d be going alone since Oz and I hate football (but love futbol). :) I'm cool with whatever team you choose - so long as it's not Oakland. Ugh....freakin Raider fans. Yuck! They are as bad (if not worse) than LA Laker fans and Dodger fans.

Lil' Sis

azteclady said...

I'm counting at least 8 people willing to comment, but I'm pretty sure your readers are in the hundreds.

Have a great holiday, Wendy!

Elizabeth said...

If you are a fan of college football, may I suggest Alabama as your bandwagon team? Nothing strikes controversy and true fan devotion (insanity?) like Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. I would be happy to provide a primer in becoming an Alabama fan. (note: it involves things like drinking Yellow Hammers and worshiping a man named "Bear". It does not have to involve being a redneck or driving an RV.)

Tracy S said...

This summer has been total suckage for this Brewers fan. The Ryan Braun PEDS scandal is the biggest disappointment of the summer. Plus, the team just sucks. LOL My favorite player, Corey Hart, is out with knee issues. Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez are the best players this summer.

If you need a bandwagon NFL team, may I suggest the Green Bay Packers? They are awesome and they have Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews (easy on the eyes, the both of them!) ;)

Wendy said...

Gina: Ha! Yeah, Lil' Sis told me the same thing when I talked to her this weekend. Just counting family I've got 4 blog readers!

Nath: I used to be able to read in the car - but these days? Not so much. I start to feel seasick. But reading on airplanes is still good :)

Collette: I'm from the southwest part of MI - so actually there are a few Bears fans around there! My Man is partially on the Bears bandwagon this year. He likes Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

Keishon: With the move to Tennessee that meant Houston lost out on Steve McNair and Jeff Fisher :( I can never quite believe in the Texans, even though on paper - they should kick the crap out of everybody. They never quite seem to get over the hump....

Lori: Have fun in the Bay Area! There is so much to see and do there!

Susanna: Well the Mariners do have King Felix - but yeah, when he's the only player keeping you warm at night it's tough. I'm officially on the Seahawks bandwagon. I have a thing for "short" quarterbacks :)

Lil' Sis: My Man would not be pleased if I went with the 49'ers - but yeah, barring injuries they should be REALLY good this year.

Wendy said...

AL: I practice self-deprecation at it's finest :)

Elizabeth: Not so much college football - although when my alma mater does well (they're in the MAC conference) it's always exciting. (And I am intrigued by any drink called a Yellow Hammer).

Tracy: I feel your pain! The Biogenesis thing was NEVERENDING! Seriously, just suspend Jhonny Peralta already so we can get on with our lives. And Green Bay is a very tempting bandwagon team. We watched A LOT of their games last season.

Jennifer Lohmann said...

I also second "Go Bears!", even though Brian Urlacher retired and he was my favorite player.

Tracy S said...

Wendy, your man would not like me I'm afraid. I do NOT like Jay Cutler. I find him to be a whiny baby. ;) it could just be that hating the Bears is in Packer fan DNA. Although our other big rivals are the Vikings and I'm married to a Viking fan! He grew up in Minnesota so I guess it makes sense..... :)