Monday, June 24, 2013

Back To Reality

There's been nothing but radio silence for me since Wednesday morning thanks to a trip up to northern California.  Big Sis was flying in for a work conference, and I believe it was the first time since B.L.D. (Before Lemon Drop) that all three of us (me, Big Sis, Lil' Sis) were in the same space together, at the same time.  Which would be why I didn't try to hook up with any of my NorCal blogging/tweeting buds.  My apologies ladies.  Next time, for sure!

Anyhoodle, while it was heavenly to be out of the office for five glorious days, spending time corralling the three-year-old Lemon Drop doesn't necessarily make for the most relaxing of vacations.  Still, the Three Drunken Sisters (we've decided that's the name of our fictional Napa winery - although Lil' Sis isn't a wine drinker so maybe just the Two Drunken Sisters And The Sober One Who Does The Books.....) managed to hit wine country to eat, drink and be merry.  We met picture-taking police officers (seriously, while taking pictures a cop swung by and graciously offered to get a shot of all three of us together!), walked the Golden Gate bridge (for the record, I was terrified), and wrote out deep, philosophical thoughts like "Aunt Wendy Is Awesome" with Lemon Drop's sidewalk chalk.

It also was conveniently close to my Happy Birthday (which is actually in early July) which means I GOT BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!  Lil' Sis got me chocolate and cross-stitched an eye glass case for me that says "Stay Calm and Read On" (good advice since I got little reading done over the last several days).  Big Sis got me a yummy tea blend (black tea with rose petals and cloves - yummers!) and this awesome picture of Bat Girl done by artist Gene Gonzales.  Look how happy and wholesome she looks - see Bag Girl isn't that different from me!  Now I just need to get her framed and figure out where she will reside.

 What's on tap next?  Good Lord - work.  Lots of work.  After a brief respite, I'll be back to ordering books again thanks to the new fiscal cycle.  I also am in the throes of our Adult Summer Reading Program, and I have a Romance-Book-Talk-Group starting up on July 1.  At this point I'm hoping for a couple of warm bodies - which means I need to get back in the office and start hand-selling the idea to our romance reading patrons.  Oh, and you know, I need to read and review.  NetGalley really is the devil's playground.....


Phyl said...

Nice picture. Sister time is the best. And wishing you an early Happy Birthday! May the year ahead be full of good books.

Hilcia said...

Great sister moment, Wendy. I love that sketch of Batgirl too -- the perfect gift for Wendy... :D

nath said...

Wooohoo, sisters time! Hope you had fun, Wendy :)

and very nice gift!