Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Single Dad's Homerun

Don't you, forget about me.
Our Hero: Victor Martinez

What You Need To Know:  Was not drafted and signed as an amateur free agent with the Cleveland Indians.  Became their starting catcher in 2004, but while his bat was on fire, he wasn't exactly stunning with his defense.  Was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2009, primarily playing first base and serving as a back-up to Jason Varitek.  As a free agent, he signed a four-year deal with the Tigers, serving as much needed protection in the batting order for Miguel Cabrera (who opposing pitchers were intentionally walking.....a lot).  He's a .300 clutch hitter, and just what the doctor ordered.  Sadly, he sat out all of 2012 thanks to an ACL injury but is back for 2013.

His Baggage:  Besides the injury?  He's got the cutest kid on the planet in Victor Jr.  This kid spends a lot of time at the ballpark with his Dad, even sporting his own miniature uniform.  When Victor was up for the "last chance" voting in the All-Star game in 2011, the Tigers had Jr. do a promotional video with Paws (the mascot) to get the fans out voting.  Ultimately he lost to Paul Konerko (who was, frustratingly, having a great year and was more than deserving), but we all got to bask in the cuteness that is Victor Jr.  Probably the hardest part of last year?  Not seeing that kid at the ballpark.  Seriously.

The Proposed Category  Romance Plot:  Tragically thrust into the role of single parent, he's trying to keep some semblance of balance and normalcy in his young son's life.  They seem to do fine when they're at the ballpark, but once they're home in the suburbs, things get more complicated.  When it's just the two of them, alone, his son becomes withdrawn.  Oh, and there's the small matter that our hero is a terrible cook.  At this rate if they don't starve to death they're going to overdose on take-out Chinese.  Lucky for him, he finds a savior in his pretty new next door neighbor.

Our Heroine:  A single mother to a teenage daughter, most of their days are filled with arguments about not completed homework, wearing too much make-up and boys.  She doesn't really have time for other peoples' problems, but something in the little boy's sad eyes tug at her heart.  What starts with a few shared cookies over the picket fence turn into cooking lessons with his handsome father.

What Category Romance Line?:  OK, I'm pretty sure Victor is married in real life.  Oh, and with his salary he could probably afford a nanny, a personal chef, and a very large home that would have a very tall, non-picket fence.  But this is my fiction therefore, he's a single dad.  A single dad who would buy a modest, nice home in the suburbs to give his kid some normalcy.  If that doesn't scream Harlequin Special Edition nothing does.


Phyl said...

Another good one! Seriously, is anyone at HQN paying attention? Your loyal readers want to read these.

nath said...

I haven't read all of your Tigers Meet Harlequin posts, but I will Wendy! and seriously, my hat's off to you!! I can't imagine the amount of time you put writing these! I would never be able to. So great job!!

Wendy said...

Phyl: I might simmer this idea on the back burner and pick different players for next year. I have to come up with a secret baby plot for Brie :)

Nath: It was a marathon! The ideas came fairly easily once I settled on which players :)