Thursday, March 14, 2013

Slumpin', Cryin', RITAs and WTF JT?!?!

Like sands in the hourglass.....

Wendy continues to slump.  So in the name of blog filler - here's a few things that I've been thinking about lately:


The Super Librarian Parental Units are coming for a visit, flying into The Bat Cave on Friday.  Yes, TBR Challenge day is next week.  Yes, I'm continuing to slump and have not read my TBR Challenge book for March yet.  Will I get it read and a review up on time?  Oy vei.


Google has announced, that in their infinite geeky wisdom, they're going to discontinue the very practical Google Reader.  Which is what Wendy uses to keep track of all the blogs she follows.  Not just the "fun" blogs I read, but all the work-related crap sites I find useful.  The End Of Times is July 1.  That gives me some time to wrap my mind around this development, and also to shop around for a new feed reader.  This article provides some options that seem like a good starting point.  I'm open to suggestions, anyone using a Not-Google-Reader RSS reader they like?  I definitely need something cloud-based since I tend to check my feeds on a ton of different computer/devices.


RWA will be announcing the RITA and Golden Heart finalists on March 26, and for the first time in a number of years, I won't be blogging about it that day.  Normally I watch Twitter, check the RWA web site regularly, and then do a post listing all the finalists, complete with linkage and what-not.  Not this year.  I've got something special planned for the week of the 25th, so y'all will just need to stay tuned.


Justin Timberlake's new song, Suit And Tie, is on heavy rotation here in SoCal.  It's a catchy song and I understand why people seem to like it (have I mentioned it's catchy?).  What I can't figure out is why nobody seems to be calling JT out on the lyrics, which are so bad they're laughable.  My "favorite" gem is probably this one:
Stop, let me get a good look at it
So thick, now I know why they call it a fatty
Ok, seriously?!

Is this supposed to be sexy?  No, really.  Someone explain it to me, because this obviously is the signal that I am officially an old woman.

Damn kids, get off my lawn!


Jena Briars said...

Muy triste about the google reader going away! :( I loathe the thought of copy/pasting ALL my blog/links/reads to a new RSS. I might try Feedly. *shrug*

Wendy said...

Jena: You can export your Google Reader data using Google Takeout - then presumably upload that data directly into a new RSS feeder service. Saves you from having to copy and paste all those links separately :)

SandyH said...

Wendy, I use Bloglines as a reader. I have been having a few issues with it but surprisingly their customer service response has been good. I am going to check out Netvibes that looks a lot like Bloglines.

S. said...

Well, to me it won't be that much of a setback..I have all the sites bookmarked in my browser and I find it simple enough to keep track of things that way...

Kelly Anne said...

I love Newsblur. I love that it allows sharing and commenting on other's shared items (like in the fantastic early Reader days), and its app is great. It's run by just one guy, which can mean that if it goes down (as it did this week with the huge influx of folks fleeing the dying Reader) it takes a couple days, but it also means that if you've got an issue you take it to him directly, and he's great.

azteclady said...

Reader goes away? crud. That bites--hard. Dammit.

Sheri said...

Those damn Googlers! I'm one degree away from the founder....maybe I can suggest they keep it. :)

Oh, and don't knock my boyfriend...he could sing me the damn grocery list and I'd be all set. :) But in case you were wondering...a couple of interpretations on that line.

1. Well, he's talking about a nice round tushy :)


2. A fatty can also mean something herbal and his next line "shit so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" flows with that train of thought as well.

Wendy said...

Sandy: I know a lot of people who used Bloglines at one time or another. Another one for me to check out....

S: I used to do that, but between the romance blog I follow, plus all the blogs I follow for work? It got to be too much. My blog-roll was out of control. Plus I like the convenience of going to an RSS reader and it showing me only the blogs that have updated content. I'll find something else, I'm sure - but ugh, I hate shopping around....

Kelly: That sounds promising! I'll check them out!

AL: Yeah, when I logged in on Wednesday this little message popped up telling me (and everybody else apparently) that they were shuttering the service and we had until July 1 before it went kablooey. And yet, Google+ lives. Go figure.

Sheri: Seriously, tell him that Google Reader can't go away! Wendy hates change! LOL

And I'm not sure what it says about me, but I heard that line in the JT song and my mind automatically went.....some place "unclean." Pssst, don't tell Mom and Dad.