Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Addicted To....Cough Drops?

I was one of the lucky ones who enjoyed a long holiday weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.  So what did Wendy do over her glorious, decadent three days off in a row?

I was sick. 

With the head cold from Hell. 

Which means I basically whined a lot, lazed about, and read.  I got a lot of reading done actually.  One book in particular was part of a last minute post I threw together for Heroes & Heartbreakers.

You can head on over there right now in fact, and read my "exclusive" (that might be overstating it just a wee bit) first look of Charlotte Stein's new erotic romance, Addicted.  It's got a frustrated librarian heroine in need of several orgasms, and a macho studly love machine hero who is hiding a big ol' secret past.  Oh, and it's funny.  What could possibly be better than all that?

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