Monday, December 10, 2012

The Month That Was November 2012

Lemon Drop: All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Me: You know, not many women can pull off turbans.  You and Joan Crawford maybe.....

Lemon Drop: Puhleeze, that beeyotch has got nothing on me!

Me: Well, that's true.  And while I know you're not quite three, you're already more stable.

Lemon Drop: Yeah, dude - what was up with the wire hangers?  My Mommy is a little nutty, but even she isn't that far gone.

Me: Change of subject time!  Here's what I read last month kiddo.  I was a reading machine!  Solid in the quality department as well.

Sleigh Ride With The Rancher by Donna Alward - Harlequin Romance, 2012, Grade = B
  •  Heroine with childhood baggage and still grieving over friend's death visits scarred hero's ranch before Christmas as a favor to her grandmother.  Running scared heroine, a hero who has suffered tragedy, lots of angst, textbook Alward.
A Night Of No Return by Sarah Morgan - Harlequin Presents, 2012, Grade = B+
  • A boss-secretary romance featuring an emotionally wounded hero and a heroine who puts the fun in feisty.
Winter Warriors by Michelle Willingham - Harlequin Historical, 2012, Grade = B-
  • Three-story anthology featuring some of the offspring from the author's MacEgan Brothers series.  Liked the first two stories, wanted to hit the hero in the third story....hard.  With a sledge hammer.
Forward Passes by Jami Davenport - Contemporary romance ebook, 2012, Grade = B
  • Second book in the author's series featuring a fictional American football team.  Abrasive asshole hero with a heart of gold, and a heroine with a bumpy history when it comes to jocks.
Counterfeit Cowboy by Lacy Williams - Love Inspired Historical, 2012, Grade = C
  • A goody-goody heroine but a hero with a questionable past and a good message made this a solid inspirational romance.
The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne - Historical romance, 2008, Berkley, Grade = C
  • Liked the writing, but wasn't sold on the idea that the hero and heroine were equals when 1) she uses her wiles in her "job" yet is somehow miraculously still a virgin and 2) she doesn't kill people.  Also the twist regarding the heroine?  Didn't buy it.  At all.
Wyoming Bride by Joan Johnston - Historical Romance, 2013, Bantam Dell, Grade = C+
  • Forthcoming First Look post for Heroes & Heartbreakers.  An interesting mix of cozy and gritty.
Marrying The Enemy by Nicola Marsh - Harlequin Presents, 2012, Grade = B
  • Upcoming review for TGTBTU. Great heroine and a marriage of convenience plot.
Hajar's Hidden Legacy by Maisey Yates - Harlequin Presents, 2012, Grade = B
  • I'm normally not into fictional royalty or sheikh books - but hello?  Beauty and the Beast!  I can't say no to that.
The Mermaid's Tale by Grace D'Otare - Erotic romance short story ebook, 2012, Self-Pub, Grade = B-
  • Married couple who make-up naughty stories for each other take a whirl at setting The Little Mermaid during WWII French Resistance.  A quick read, although I did want a few more naughty shenanigans.
Forbidden by Saskia Walker - Erotic romance short story ebook, 2011, Walk On The Wild Side Books, Grade = C
  • Privileged girl destined to marry someone her father's age falls for the hunky gardener (OK, estate manager).  A story that is a harder sell for me in a contemporary setting, but Walker writes great sex.
Restraint by Charlotte Stein - Erotic-kinda-romance short story ebook, 2012, Xcite, Grade = A
  • Heroine thinks the hero hates her guts, but turns out our guy is just really, really repressed.  Oh man, LOVED this story.  Loved it so much I want to marry it and have its babies.....
The Librarian by Logan Belle - Erotic romance ebook, 2012, Pocket, Grade = D
  • Repressed young woman fresh out of library school gets her dream job at NYPL and becomes a sub to a major library benefactor's Dom.  Standard issue BDSM with an ending that pissed me off six ways from Sunday.
Me: Hmmm, I think you might be a little young for the turban look kiddo.  I mean, it's the sort of look that belongs on Grand Dames Of A Certain Age.  I'm not sure a three-year-old qualifies, even if you are a pretty awesome three-year-old.

Lemon Drop: I am big!  It's the blogs that got small!

Me: Oh brother.

Note: I would like to publicly apologize to anybody who had anything to do with Sunset Boulevard.  Lemon Drop made me do it!


  1. Hmmmm...not sure Ceci is more stable than Joan, I mean she can throw a MEAN tantrum - diva style! :)

    --Lil Sis

  2. LOL, when I first read in a historical romance about the turban look, I wondered if I didn't read it wrong!! But nope, I didn't. But yeah, Lemon Drop sure rocks it!

    A pretty good reading month you had there, Wendy. Both in quantity and quality-wise, except for that D there. By the way, I read A Night of No Return based on your and Brie's recommendation :)

  3. Lil Sis: Well if you're going to throw a tantrum, there's no sense in half-assing it! Diva style ALL THE WAY!

    Nath: It really helped that I had four days off over the US Thanksgiving holiday. I got a TON of reading done. I hope you enjoyed A Night Of No Return. If you didn't, I can share the blame with Brie :)

  4. Hehe... Lemon Drop cracks me up!

  5. Love Lemondrop...her smile is contagious.

    What is your favorite Christmas read?

    Regards, Ruth (CO)

  6. Willaful: I know she cracks her Momma up....when she's being a "good girl." Last time I talked to my sister she sounded like a typical mother of a 2.5 year old. I'm not sure how she was managing to stay sober...

    Ruth: You know what? I'm going to do a blog post about that! I think I've got enough titles to round out a decent list. I should get something up this week.....


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