Monday, October 22, 2012

Digital Review: The Gin Lovers #4: Vice Or Virtue

The beautiful people behaving badly are back in The Gin Lovers: Vice Or Virtue, the fourth installment of Jamie Brenner's six-part serial novel.

After getting caught in a compromising situation, Charlotte finds herself having to toe the line with hubby William.  William has money that Charlotte has discovered she now very much needs, which means swallowing her pride and putting up with the jackass.  But her lover, the bootlegger Jake Larkin has big plans, with big ambitions, and has promised her that her days of suffering not-so-silently in her marriage should soon be over.

Meanwhile, rebellious Mae Delacorte is learning how to play the game.  She needs her inheritance, and for that she turns to Jonathan Astor, dour Amelia's party-boy cousin.  These two are a match made in Hangover Hell.  On one hand you admire their ingeniuity, while on the other you see disaster looming ahead.

Speaking of disasters - the Prohibition Agent lurking around Fiona is turning up the heat, and Fiona finds herself providing more services at Boom-Boom's club when the booze supply starts to get a little thin.  Charlotte finds herself spending some quality time with her butler, Rafferty, who is really starting to wear his heart on his sleeve.  Poor guy.  He's even got a sexy Irish accent and his mistress is all-hot-to-trot for some trouble-making bootlegger.  Oh Rafferty, she doesn't deserve you.  Might I suggest a not-so-mild-mannered librarian?

Things really heat up with this installment, with the bread-crumb trail the author has laid out starting to bear fruit.  Things end on a OK I Knew It Was Coming But Still, Oh No She Didn't! note, that will have readers sucked into the soapy shenanigans chomping at the bit for the next entry in the series.  Still hooked, still cannot stop reading, cannot wait to see how the author wraps it all up with just two installments left.

Final Grade = B

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