Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winner: Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

Awwww, look at those happy lil' minions.  They're so happy because they're here to announce the winner of the Danger, Danger Will Robinson giveaway!  Thanks to the mighty random powers of the winner is none other than.....

Nikki, drop me an e-mail with your shipping address and I'll get your box of goodies to the post office pronto (I will clean out my home office, I will clean out my home office, I will clean out my home office.....)

For those of you still jonesin' for an RWA tote bag and piles of books - never fear!  By my count I've probably got half a dozen giveaways to go!  After a brief hiatus, we'll pick things up again next week.

P.S. - Just a shout-out that I loved reading everybody's responses to this particular contest question.  And for the record?  Yeah, library basements are creepy as hell.


Nikki said...

Thank you so much! I am very excited about getting these books.

azteclady said...

Bravo, Nikki, you lucky woman you!