Thursday, August 2, 2012

On The Road And Bookgasms

So what have I been doing since I obviously haven't been blogging?

First up, I've had a post go live over at Criminal Element.  I'm over there talking about Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain, a book I was able to secure early to read after I said I'd blog about it.  I think I also might have offered up an ovary to get it early, but blessedly it didn't come to that.

Head on over and take a gander.


In other news, I'm getting nothing done at work that doesn't pertain to the small mountain of leftover RWA Literacy Signing books.  We spent all day Tuesday unpacking and on Wednesday some of the other librarians began rolling in.

G-ish through first part of M-ish

More M-ish through early part of R-ish
And I've had "greedy" librarians already roll in.  Heck, one librarian took 8 boxes worth - and we still have a TON!  Hoping another wave of locusts this afternoon puts another solid dent in the piles.


Tracy said...

Wow that's a lot of books! You said there were a lot but I guess my mind didn't think there were THAT many. lol

little alys said...

Somehow, I want to spread them on the floor and roll around in them. -_-

Hmm, I wonder if my local librarian went to pick up some. In need of some good books.

JamiSings said...

Send three boxes to my branch! Just throw in any old thing so I can see our male librarian's face. ;-)

Did you know that August is Romance Awareness Month? Guess what my display in adult fiction is this time around.

My Girl Friday said...

I LOVE your site - Too cool - Just subscribed & followed you on Twitter!!!

azteclady said...

That's some book bounty, all right!

Wendy said...

Tracy: OMG - it's the motherlode. The branches that have stopped by have really been "greedy" - but there's still TONS!

Little Alys: After you get over the feeling of never wanting to see another book ever again? Yeah, snow angels come to mind :)

Jami: It's going to come to that on Monday. I'm going to grab volunteers, tell them to put random books in random boxes - and then we're shipping them out.

My Girl Friday: Yippeee! Glad you found me!

AL: It's insanity. Just....insanity.

JamiSings said...

Oh goody! Up my order to 6 boxes. Especially any edgy stuff, multicultural, and heck, if you have any same-sex stuff that would be even better. If only to see the look on his face. *chuckles evilly*

Hilcia said...

How great for your local libraries, Wendy! You did good! :D

nath said...

Good job Wendy! It's like books heaven!! :)