Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unusual Historical Spotlight: Elizabeth, China, Portugal, Knights & Colonists

The Taming of the Rogue by Amanda McCabe

What You Need To Know: Publication date April 17, 2012

Anna Barrett is more comfortable filling tankards at the White Heron Theater than shopping for corsets. Her "take no prisoners" attitude has earned her a tough reputation. Where she was once innocent and naive, now she's vowed never to be ensnared by a man again. Except Robert Alden is not just any man....

Gorgeous, dashing and decidedly reckless, this playwright has left a trail of broken hearts across London. He's also a spy on a dangerous assignment. Anna cannot help getting embroiled in his mission -- even if this seemingly untameable rogue is the last person with whom she should become involved....
What Makes It Unusual:  Elizabethan England!

My Fair Concubine by Jeannie Lin

What You Need To Know: Publication date May 22, 2012

Yan Ling tries hard to be servile -- it's what's expected of a girl of her class. Being intelligent and strong-minded, she finds it a constant battle.

Proud Fei Long is unimpressed by her spirit -- until he realizes she's the answer to his problems. He has to deliver the emperor a "princess." In two months can he train a tea girl to pass as a noblewoman?

Yet it's hard to teach good etiquette when all Fei Long wants to do is break it, by taking this tea girl for his own....
What Makes It Unusual: China baby, China!

Lisbon by Lynne Connolly

What You Need To Know: Publication date June 5, 2012 ; Digital only (for the time being) ; Book eight in series.

On a ship bound for Portugal with her children and the man she loves, Rose should be blissfully happy. Except Richard treats her like she’s made of porcelain. She’s recovered from the childbed fever that nearly killed her, yet he won’t share her bed and it’s driving her mad.

To win him back body and soul, she resolves to use every wicked, seductive trick he’s taught her. Until a possible attempted murder on board puts them both on alert for the trouble that seems to dog their every move.

Richard is almost relieved to have something to investigate. He loves Rose too much to risk losing her—which is exactly what could happen if he gets her pregnant again. When it becomes clear a series of accidents is no such thing, they realize an old enemy has caught up with them.

It’s imperative for Richard and Rose to work together to defeat this foe, but their new distance could prove their undoing. Especially when Mother Nature conspires to make them endure one last, desperate test of their love… 
What Makes It Unusual:  A ship!  Bound for Portugal!  Oh, and a married couple gettin' their groove thang on.....

The Dark Knight by Elizabeth Elliott

What You Need To Know: Publication date June 26, 2012 

Thief, assassin, and master of disguise, Dante Chiavari is the most feared mercenary of England’s King Edward. On one last assignment, Dante must play the part of a chivalrous knight to steal Avalene de Forshay from her family and thwart the ruthless Faulke Segrave, who would wed Avalene and use her to spark war between Wales and the crown. Upon seeing the beautiful and innocent young maiden, however, the mercenary suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his own intense desire.

When Avalene meets the handsome knight she knows only as Sir Percival, he sweeps her off her feet even as he spirits her away from Coleway Castle. Their escape is wrought with risks and perils, but Avalene will find that the greatest danger lies in losing her heart. And after the truth is revealed, Avalene fears that she may never again be able to trust the dark knight who has come to mean more to her than life itself.
What Makes It Unusual:  It's a medieval.  Also, it's Elliott's first book published since the late 1990s.  Her fans are going to be overjoyed to get their hands on this one!

Defiant by Pamela Clare

What You Need To Know: Publication date July 3, 2012 ; Book three in series 

Major Connor MacKinnon despises his commander, Lord William Wentworth, beyond all other men. Ordered to rescue Wentworth's niece after the Shawnee take her captive, he expects Lady Sarah Woodville to be every bit as contemptible as her uncle. Instead, he finds a brave and beautiful lass in desperate peril. But the only way to free Sarah is for Connor to defeat the Shawnee warrior who kidnapped her-and claim her himself.
What Makes It Unusual: Colonial America!  Also, it's been a long wait for this book due to Clare's other writing obligations and various publisher shuffling.  Book two first came out back in 2008.
  • Seriously, I feel so out of the loop right now!  This was just a quick sampling of what I dug up when I had a few moments where my brain wasn't melting.  Have you read any unusual historicals lately?  Any upcoming ones you're looking forward to?  Share away in the comments!


A Library Girl said...

I'm so looking forward to My Fair Concubine.

Phyl said...

I'm definitely looking forward to Defiant and Lisbon. I love Richard & Rose.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all the ones you've listed. Also really looking forward to Kris Kennedy's latest, Deception, to be released 7/31. She writes great medievals and this one looks like a romance between two con artists? Not sure about that, but she's an autobuy so I'll find out soon!

Anonymous said...

are there going to be more listed , will you keep looking for more. those books seem to be what everyone is kind of looking for now it seems like, how come you are out of the loop? it seem you are in the inside loop. has anyone ever done books taking place in time of new americas colonial times for examples , when the spanish invaded mayan empire ? you made me think of that one. have a swell weekend. from canada, where today was nice , sunny , breezy but only 18c . from mamx nb

Kaye said...

OMG - I loved Elizabeth Elliott's books and never thought to ever see her publish again. Just checked the back reaches of my Keeper Shelves, yup, still have Warlord, Scoundrel, Betrothed. Wonderful news, Wndy, thanks for the heads up!

Wendy said...

Library Girl: Both My Fair Concubine and the Amanda McCabe are in my immediate TBR. Just need to find more hours in the day to get reading done!

Wendy said...

Phyl: I need to read more of Clare's historicals. Pretty sure I have the first two books in my TBR. Sigh.

Wendy said...

JaneA: I too am really looking forward to Deception! I've really liked all of Kennedy's medievals so far - with The Irish Warrior probably being my favorite.

Wendy said...

Mamx: I tend to do these posts every few months, highlighting a handful of titles. Mostly I mention titles I stumble across in my general Internet surfing.

I hadn't done one of these in a while, so felt I was overdue, although I had some trouble scaring up titles this time around. Not sure if it's because not much is being published or my brain being tired. Maybe a combination of both.

Wendy said...

Kaye: Granted I haven't been terribly active on the Internet of late, but I'm surprised I haven't seen more "squeee'ing!!!" about this book. Elliott has been off the map for a long while now, and I know more than a few readers who really loved those medievals you mentioned.....

Anonymous said...

Possibly it's because we've been hearing for the last two years at least that she'd be publishing this book. At this point people may be waiting to do their "squeeing" when it finally comes out. At least that's the way I feel and I am definitely going to be reading it!