Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Month That Was March 2012

Lemon Drop: The best things in life are free; But you can keep them for the birds and bees; Now give me money.....

Me:  I tried changing the lyrics to "give me the Mega Millions" and that didn't work out so well for me.

Lemon Drop: That's what I want!

Me: Obviously you had better luck though.

Lemon Drop: I sure did Auntie Wendy!  Mommy says she's my "Great Aunt" and I can totally see why.  This lady is, like, awesome!  Anyway, Great Aunt Dee sent me TWO DOLLARS!

Me: Wow!  That is exciting stuff.  What was the occasion?

Lemon Drop:  Seriously Auntie Wendy?  I'm two-years old now!  Get it, two-years-old, a TWO dollar bill.  Geez.

Me: ::droll sarcasm:: Wow, you don't say?  Well while you're thinking of ways to burn through that wind-fall, how about I tell you about last month's reading?  It started off rocky, but ended strong - thank goodness!

Title links will take you to full reviews

In the Flesh by Portia Da Costa, Historical erotic romance, HQN, 2012, Grade = DNF
  • I adore Portia Da Costa.  Adore.  So yeah, making the decision to DNF did not come lightly.  Got about halfway through and the pacing was seriously dragging for me.  The set-up of the story seemed to be taking forever, and there weren't enough tantalizing tid-bits about the enigmatic hero dropped to keep me motivated.  I have liked the historical short stories Da Costa has written in this universe - so maybe this is just a matter of bigger not equaling better for me.
Lust in the Library by Amelia Fayer, Contemporary erotic novella, Avon Impulse, 2012, Grade = DNF
  • The complete disregard for credible library world building drove me batty.  It would be like writing an erotic romance about airline pilots and having them flying a single engine Cessna to Mars.
Foxfire Bride by Maggie Osborne, Historical romance, Ballantine, 2004, Grade = A-
  • After two DNFs in a row, I needed to restore my mojo - so I hit up this road romance featuring a no-nonsense, yet vulnerable heroine, and an ambitious hero trying to prove his mettle to his father.  Loved it!
Nobody's Hero by Carrie Alexander, Harlequin SuperRomance, ?, Grade = B-
  • My TBR Challenge read of the month.  A very cute story (in a good way) about a widowed heroine, her precocious daughter, and a wounded state trooper hero who just wants some peace and quiet.  Really enjoyed the New England setting and the homage to Trixie Belden.
Best Erotic Romance edited by Kristina Wright, Contemporary erotic romance anthology, Cleis Press, 2011, Grade = B
  • An extremely solid anthology of erotic romance short stories.  Highly recommended for newbies, and even long-time readers of the spicy side of life.
Capturing the Silken Thief by Jeannie Lin, Digital historical romance short story, Harlequin Historical Undone, 2012, Grade = B+
  • Loved the scholarly hero and the heroine from the wrong side of the tracks.  Good solid story, nice romance, an example of the Undone line done right.
Back in the Soldier's Arms by Soraya Lane, Harlequin Romance, 2012, Grade = B+
  • An emotional marriage-in-trouble story about an Army heroine on leave, and her ex-Navy husband who fell off the fidelity wagon.  Heartbreaking, timely, really stellar. 
Lemon Drop: Your lovin' gives me a thrill; But your lovin' don't pay my bills; Now give me money....

And don't think I haven't noticed the complete lack of presents from my Auntie Wen-en-en-dy....

Me: Sweetie, I have your gift - you're just going to be getting it a little late.....

Lemon Drop: Money don't get everything it's true; What it don't get, I can't use; Now give me money.....

Me: ::throwing hands up in air:: I'm going to see you on Friday!  You'll have it then!

Lemon Drop: That's what I want!


    JamiSings said...

    I bet Lemondrop uses that money to buy more books.

    Meanwhile mommy's thinking about LD's college fund....

    Anonymous said...

    Absolutely adore Lemon Drop...wait until she becomes a teenager like my nephews and the $2 just don't makeit. I am paying for batting lessons today for two of my nephews for belated gifts and it costs more than $2.

    Opening day for Rockies is Friday!

    Regards, Ruth (CO)

    nath said...

    Happy birthday to Lemon Drop!! I was going to ask you how old she was... I'm losing track of time, but it's really awesome to see her grow through your blog! :P

    Rough start to the month of March, but after that, you got some really good books :) Guess it balances it out :)

    Wendy said...

    Jami: Ha! Probably!

    Ruth: Blessedly she's young enough to think $2 is pretty sweet. And yippeee! Opening Day! Tigers played a day game, so I've got it waiting on my DVR at home.

    Nath: I finished out the month strong, reading-wise. Which is good, since January and February were a bit more erratic.