Friday, January 27, 2012

Passion & Prose, Non-Bookstores, Heroic Librarians & Fatty McFattins

So, I haven't posted jack on this blog since Monday.  I also haven't read a single word in any book since last weekend.  Not good considering I'm knee-deep in stuff I really need, and want!, to read.  I need to stop getting distracted by The Shiny.  In the meantime, while I look around for my
misplaced mojo, here are some linky highlights I've culled off the Interwebs the last few days.


For romance junkies that live in Southern California, there is the Passion and Prose event in Long Beach on February 25.  The event is a wee bit on the pricey side - but there is a fantastic mix of authors on board, plus keynote speakers like Meg Cabot, Christina Dodd and Gail Carriger.  This certainly looks like it could be a nice alternative if ponying up for the entire RWA conference in Anaheim this summer isn't an option.  I'm planning on attending, hopefully I'll see some of you there!


I've been kicking around this blog post in my head about publishers and libraries, but Amber takes care of the task for me with this lovely, succinct post When Is A Bookstore Not A Bookstore?  Seems Amber decided to visit the Barnes & Noble where she used to work and was none too pleased with what she encountered.  Can't say I blame her.

Publishers, you know besides Borders going belly-up, this would be another good reason why you shouldn't be jerking libraries around.  Frankly?  You need usA lot.  Because if this is the future of brick and mortar bookstores?  Y'all are screwed.


Speaking of libraries being awesome-sauce, there is this list of 20 heroic librarians who save the world.  See publishers, librarians can even save the world!  I'm quite pleased to see that my alter ego made the list, although to have her sitting behind Noah Wyle?  I mean, really?!


And finally, in baseball news.  Yes, the Detroit Tigers have lost their damn minds and given a bloated, fat contract to....well, Prince Fielder.  Yes folks, this is the fine athletic specimen we've got for the next 9 years at over $200 million dollars.

For the record, I'm the only Tigers fan on the planet who hates this deal.  Oh sure, there will be a lovely honeymoon period of about three years, and then after that I foresee Jabba The Hutt wearing the Old English D.  Also, moving Miguel Cabrera to third base?  Whatever drugs they're doing in Detroit, someone pass some this way because it's obviously something potent.  I now have the slowest, fattest infield in the history of the world.  Oh sure, they'll mash some taters, but defense?  You know, the other half of the game?  Just sayin'.


*Goddess* said...

I'd be too busy staring at the cowboy on the cover of the book you're reading to care about updates...

and my verification was 'substud'? oh i don't think he's 'sub' at all!

Wendy said...

Enjoy him while you can Goddess! I finished that book last weekend and have been super-lazy with updating the sidebar.

(Sadly, the story didn't work as well for me as the studly cover model. Yummers!)

LoriK said...

If it makes you feel better, you're not the only one who isn't doing the happy dance over Fielder. My main reaction was WTH? And also, what happened to "We can only have two $20 million/year players"

Kathryn said...

Just glad Texas left the race to grab Fielder. We'll do better with an injury-prone Hamilton, thank you very much.

I was unwilling to shop at B&N for the past few years until they worked out a sweetheart deal with our city's library at Christmas. A percentage of sales for the evening was donated to the library, with librarians hand-selling quality books to holiday shoppers. The children's librarians hooked me up with so many great books that I donated some to a local shelter after wrapping way too many for my grandson. The library, my grandson, sheltered kids and B&N all won on that one. But I will not return until they do a similar event, and even then I will focus on kids because that's the only department with any depth anymore.

Tracy S said...

Um yeah, I'm not glad to see Fielder go (Brewers fan here). I always thought he was overrated. I'm probably one of the few in WI that thinks so, but...*shrugs*

Tracy S said...

ugh!! I meant to say "I'm not SORRY to see Fielder go..." Time for bed.

Kelly in Hockeytown said...

If it's any consolation Wendy, the Tigers will win most of their games 14-11.

Amber said...

I got a Minion next to the linkage to my post? You rock, Wendy. Almost makes me feel better.

Reading over the weekend, it seems this is the BN CEO's deliberate plan to boost profitability. It seems pretty obvious that he's NOT a book person.

Wendy said...

LoriK: Turns out my dad doesn't like the deal either. So that makes three of us now.....

Kathryn: I've heard about other fundraisers like that. It's a really neat idea, plus shoppers have the opportunity to talk to other book lovers (librarians!). There's nothing quite like a good hand-sell.

Tracy: Everyone keeps talking about how he's "only 27." And I'm thinking, he's THAT size and he's ONLY 27?!?!?!?!

Kelly: If they follow through with this madness to play Miggy at 3rd, all opposing teams will have to do is bunt their one, two hitters. I mean seriously? Can you see Cabrera busting up the line to field a bunt?!

Amber: Everybody should have at least one minion, says I :)

Kelly in Hockeytown said...

Wendy, yes I can see Miggy busting up the line. Unfortunately, it is going to be some body part of his that is busting! ;-)