Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Month That Was October 2011

Lemon Drop: Hey there I'm Little Red Riding Hood; I sure am lookin' good; I'm everything a Big Bad Wolf could want....

Not that I want him....

Me: Hmmm, have you met the Big Bad Wolf?

Lemon Drop: Sigh.  Yes.  His name is Alex.  My Mommy is friends with his Mommy.  He's sorta kinda maybe cute, but boys are gross Auntie Wendy.  Except for Daddy.  Oh, and Papaw.  But yeah, gross.

Me: A girl after my own heart.  I thought boys were pretty gross too, until puberty.  Then it sadly went downhill from there.

Lemon Drop:  Puberty?  What's puberty?

Me: Oh look!  It's time to talk about what I read last month!  I started off mired in the Reading Slump From Hell, but was able to pull myself together to finish somewhat strongly.  The final tally ended up being 6 books.

Flawless by Carrie Lofty - Historical romance, Pocket, Book one in series, 2011, Grade = B+
  • Heroine and her no-good husband travel to South Africa after she inherits a failing diamond brokerage house from her father.  True to form for Lofty - great attention to detail, lots of angst, and a hero who actually grows up over the course of the story.
Dead Shot by Annie Solomon - Romantic suspense, Warner Book, 2007, Grade = D-
  • My duddy TBR Challenge read for October.  Liked the hero quite a bit, but never gelled with the heroine, and was majorly annoyed by the fact that a key part of the suspense (you know, the one the author harped on for the whole blessed book) was left entirely unresolved at the end.
Fast Girls edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel - Erotica anthology, Cleis Press, 2010, Grade = B
  • Erotica anthology featuring stories about "fast" women.  What missed really missed for me, but there were plenty of hits to even it out in the end.
Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain - Historical romance, Zebra, Book one in series, 2011, Grade = C+
  • A fluffy, cotton-candy of a read perfect for the craziness that is the holiday season.  Hero engaged to one sister, finds himself entranced by the other (our heroine).  It's not nearly as unsavory as it sounds, trust me.
Blue Angel by Logan Belle - Erotic romance, Kensington, Book one in series, 2011, Grade = C+
  • Aspiring lawyer heroine burnt out on the law finds her calling when her boyfriend takes her to a local burlesque club.  Great world-building and soapy plot, even though I wasn't terrible wild about the characters.
Fallen Angel by Logan Belle - Erotic romance, Kensington, Book two in series, 2011, Grade = C+
  • Heroine working as paralegal and moonlighting as burlesque performer finds herself reevaluating when she falls under the spell of her hunky lawyer boss.  Again, great world-building and soapy plot, mixed in this time with a dominatrix villainess.  Unfortunately, I still had issues with the heroine.
Me: Well sweetie, I'm sorry you think Alex is gross - but maybe you could just be friends with him?  Boys can make pretty awesome friends.

Lemon Drop: Yeah, not interested.  Mommy keeps trying to make me ride in the wagon with him and that's just not going to happen.  I'm a star Auntie Wendy!  I should have my own wagon!

Me:  That sounds kinda lonely though....

Lemon Drop: Hey, wait a a star I do need a chauffeur!  Alex can be my chauffeur!

Me: ::headdesk::

Lemon Drop: Baby he can drive my car.  Yes I'm gonna be a star....

Me: At least you're singing the Beatles.  Sigh.


Sarah said...

She already is an internet sensation! I wonder how she'll feel about these posts come puberty, lol.

*Goddess* said...

She looks so cute in that outfit!

JamiSings said...

I want Lemon Drop to review a book!

Alright, so I want Lemon Drop to review my favorite book from childhood. But still! I want HER to do a book review!

Wendy said...

Sarah: She's famous in her own mind :) Also, she's eventually going to have to "retire" from the blog. Probably around 3? Eventually she's going to be old enough to say "No, Auntie Wendy - that's not cool."

Goddess: And Lil' Alex really did dress up as the Big Bad Wolf! I didn't post the picture though because I'm not related to his Mommy.

Jami: Probably after the holidays (I'm thinking January's recap?). That particular book is going to be part of her Christmas gift :)

nath said...

Awwww, I love her costume!! Did she have fun this Halloween? :) and LOL about Lil Alex.

Glad you enjoyed Flawless so much! And good, getting out of the reading slump!

Dr. Laurence Brown said...

Beautiful kid.. God bless you my child..