Thursday, November 10, 2011

Delicious Despair

Oh look!  Wendy, not being lazy!  That's right kids, I have a new post up at Heroes & Heartbreakers.  This post is in a series that is run semi-every-so-often over there called Delicious Despair.  What is DD?
"Those moments in romance novels where you feel as though your heart is being ripped from your chest. Come suffer the anguish with us!"
Yeah, that's DD.  Those moments in a romance novel where even a hard-ass like Wendy will tear up a bit, if not fall into an outright swoon.

Why not head on over and find out what book gets Wendy's DD stamp of approval?  Here's are some hints: 1) It won RWA's Golden Heart 2) It's a medieval and 3) The author had a new book out this year, with a different publisher.....

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Dishonor said...

Oh, I LOVE these scenes. Lovely post, Wendy!