Friday, July 8, 2011

My Major Award

Why yes, I am well aware that this blog has been a bit of a dead zone since I got back from RWA.  Chalk it up to Wendy getting her sea legs back.  So in honor of blog filler, let me show you what arrived at my office yesterday:

No, they're not from My Man.  These are actually from Big Sis - who sent them in honor of my "Major Award" and my upcoming birthday extravaganza.  Both of my sisters have taken to calling my RWA Librarian Of The Year honors my "major award" - which is ripped off from the movie A Christmas Story.  A sure sign that they've both watched it one too many times when it runs for 24 hours straight Christmas Eve/Christmas Day on cable station TBS here in the states.

Of course this got me thinking.  RWA did give me a very nice plaque, but it is a tinch understated.  I'm thinking the honor needs to be commemorated some other way.  I mean, besides the recipient (::cough, cough::) blabbing about it on her blog so much that people are probably bloody well tired of reading about it.

I think RWA should pony up for leg lamps.  I mean, this is a major award!

 And nothing says major award like a leg lamp.  It would certainly help class up a good many libraries - just sayin'.  Whoever is responsible for the RWA checkbook these days should look into this matter.  Says me.


Lynne Connolly said...

Well I think you're so cool, winning that. So keep going on about it.
Didn't you get a book token, for a library full of books?

Phyllis said...

I dunno. That thing looks pretty Fra-Gee-lay.

Keep the neighbor's dogs away from it for sure.

Jill Sorenson said...

Haha! Congrats on your major award. I've been enjoying the RWA news because I wasn't there, sob.

PK the Bookeemonster said...

So is winning the award like the Oscars? Are you now a member of the RWA Academy and have say in things? USE that powah!

Wendy said...

Lynne: Oh man, the books! Stuff just keeps showing up at my office - it's really fun actually!

Phyllis: It is pretty Fra-Gee-Lay, but that I think that means it's French :)

Jill: Next year - Anaheim! It was LONG haul this year, even with the direct flight.

PK: LOL! More like, we gave you the award now stop going on about it kid ;)

Wendy said...

Bad Wendy - I got that Christmas Story quote wrong! "Fra-Gee-Lay, it must be ITALIAN!" Not French. My sisters would be ashamed of me right about now.....

nath said...

LOL. Wendy, you should take a picture of the plaque and put it up on your sidebar :)