Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wendy, Where You Be?

Wow, so I haven't blogged in like a week.  Part of reason for this is that I don't have a whole lot to talk about at the moment, and the other part was that I really enjoyed my long holiday week.  So what have I been doing other than blogging?  Here it goes:


RWA in NYC is right around the corner, which means it's time for Wendy to do her once-a-year shopping extravaganza.  Although this year I was given the direct order by My Man to spend some serious coin.  When we went on vacation recently to Northern California, he discovered just how sad my wardrobe is.  I might have mentioned here before that I am missing the Shopping Girl Gene.  I just don't like to shop.  It's exhausting, and I can never seem to find anything I like.  But this year my plan of attack was different.  OK, so it was My Man's plan of attack.  I went out with Lil' SisSuper Genius Brother In Law was put on Lemon Drop babysitting duty, and off we went.  I'd hit one side of the store, Lil' Sis the other, we'd both grab a pile of clothes, and then we'd hit the dressing room where I'd try on a bunch of stuff.  And what do you know?  It worked.  I got some great bargains, some great clothes, and a bunch of cute outfits to wear and look cute in while I'm in NYC.


My Man and I have been on a Good Lord We're Fat diet and exercise kick since about March.  He has lost 25 pounds.  Me?  Yeah, not 25 pounds.  And while you can't go by women's clothing sizes which are seriously eff'ed up - I've lost some weight.  If you're to believe the slacks I bought, I'm down one size.  The dresses I bought?  Two sizes.  Seriously, why isn't women's clothing sized like men's (you know, by measurement, which would actually make sense)? 

Oh yeah....vanity. 


I've been watching a ton of baseball.  Yes, I'm well aware that the Cleveland Indians (seriously, WTF?!) have the best record in the American League, but my pick?  The Boston Red Sox.  And I feel dirty just for typing that.  Yes, Yankee fans, I'm well aware you're currently tied with them for the lead in the AL East, but if Boston can keep their stuff together, I just don't see anyone else beating them for the AL crown.  They're good.  Scary good.

Notice I don't mention my Tigers anywhere in that last paragraph.  Color me cynical.


Over the weekend My Man and I finally watched The King's Speech.  I have a theory that Hollywood is turning out so much crap, that when a halfway decent movie finally slips through the cracks, it tends to get way over-hyped.  Now don't misunderstand me, it's a good movie.  But worth all the hype?  Uh, not sure.  I will say it's a "quiet" movie.  So I could see some viewers not being all that enthralled with it.  I really enjoyed it though.  I was a British history major in college, so it flipped that switch pretty hard for me.  I particularly enjoyed both Guy Pearce (who kinda looks like King Edward VIII) and Helena Bonham Carter.  If I had one complaint?  They could have done a better job of ironing out the political "stuff" in the movie.  My Man had to pause the movie so I could explain to him why Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin resigned.  Of course he knows next to nothing about British history, so there you go.


Lori said...

WTH is up with that? Your man loses 25 pounds and you don't? Men just suck. That's all there is to it. My guy did the same when he switched from real beer to light beer. Dropped 10 like that. Jerk.

I'm so happy that you've lost, though (even though I think you're beautiful just as you are). And hooray for a successful shopping trip!!

Victoria Janssen said...

Yay for successful shopping! It's kinda like hunting and gathering. Only more with the hunting.

PK the Bookeemonster said...

I hate shopping too and utilize that strategy. I shop about once a year but when I do...look out. The store LOVES me on that day -- but hate me later when they find all the rejects in the dressing room. Unfortunately, I can't afford to do it this year.
I enjoyed The King's Speech. Glad it won the awards it did. Perhaps it will convince the powers that be to do more quality. I know, I know, crazy talk.

Wendy said...

Lori: It's hard for me to be too bitter, since his weight loss was brought on by a "wake up call" from a doctor's visit. Still....I have weight loss envy. Jerk. LOL

Victoria: It was a lot of hunting! I would say I ended up buying about half of what I actually tried on.

PK: That is crazy talk! LOL

I told my Mom that I couldn't remember the last time I went on a shopping trip like this. Probably when I was in high school and still did "back to school" shopping. Yikes!

Lil Sis said...

Ok one MINOR correction - Super Genius Brother In Law was not on babysitting duty - he was watching his own kid. It ain't babysitting when the kid is yours. :)

Oh, and you know my view on vanity sizes - size 4 at Ann Taylor, size 6 at Old Navy, size 8 or even 10 at Kohl's. WTH?!?!

If you want or need to do more shopping - let me know. I'm ready to go for Round Two! :D

Hilcia said...

Argh, men always, always loose the weight like that! But it's great that that you got to do some shopping. :D

But, Wendy... you're breaking my heart... the Red Sox? Really? :( Breaking. my. heart. *g* We'll see... "it ain't over till it's over."

Wendy said...

Lil' Sis: OK, point taking re: babysitting. And I do have more shopping to do thanks to those Kohl's bucks! Maybe it's time for a new purse and wallet.....

Hilcia: I never completely count out the Yankees, especially when the second half hits. But....I don't know this year. I wonder if your team's age is going to be a factor.....

nath said...

Sizes really don't mean anything, seriously. You cannot trust those labels, even the ones where it's not a size, but the inches... If you go and really measure, you'll find that 27in is different in every store. It's all psychology.

But woohoo on losing weight!!

I agree with you on the King's Speech. Definitively a good movie, but that good? Nope.

Wendy said...

Nath: I broke out my new dress slacks today for work. Ahhhh, it's so nice to have some pants that actually fit. I think I look fantastic, even if I do still need to lose more weight :)