Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Problem With Dead Chicks

When I signed on over at Heroes & Heartbreakers, I also signed on at their sister site, Criminal Element.  Same sort of set-up, just instead of waxing poetic about romance novels, CE tackles crime novels (mystery, suspense, thrillers, what have you).

My first post has gone live.  It's all about Nancy Drew and the proliferation of dead chicks in the genre.  Why not head on over and check it out?


BevBB said...

Heh, I'd already discovered Criminal Element and saw (and bookmarked to read) the Nancy Drew post but missed that it was you. Hadn't run across Heroes and Heartbreakers yet so I'm off to check it out. ;-)

One thing you need to suggest to the webdesigners @ Criminal Element and most likely the other one, though. The individual posts don't allow for tracking of comments by rss feed readers, which is pretty much a must and easy as pie nowadays unless they want to be seen as a closed communities.

Wendy said...

BevBB: Yeah, it's a work in progress over at both sites. Within the last week or so, H&H just made it so you'd get an e-mail when follow-up comments were posted. That's still not an option over at CE.

I'll mention it to them. We should have more robust RSS options - but of course, I have NO clue about any of the technical stuff, what sort of platform they're running etc. But I will mention it - promise!

BevBB said...

Well, don't sweat it too much. I'm sure they'll get around to it sooner or later.

OTOH, while I want to say it's not that much of a biggie, I also know doggone well that whether or not I can follow a single post comment feed can make or break whether I continue to track individual blogs/sites. There's just too many of them to choose from and it's a time prioritizing thing, pure and simple. The only sites I willingly go check regularly individually nowadays are forums where following a feed(s) wouldn't be realistic anyway.

You know in a lot of ways the only thing that's changed from the old newsgroup days are the delivery devices and software we use. ;-)

Dr J said...

Checked out your post at Criminal Element and as in your case, I started down the reading road because of Nancy Drew and also the Sue Barton books--I can't even begin to imagine how many girls went into nurses training because of those stories. Liked the post very much and also liked the blog. Will go their often.

Wendy said...

BevBB: Yeah, I'm sunk without some sort of follow-up e-mail or feed when it comes to keeping track of comments. Too many blogs, too much to keep track of - I need the reminder.

Dr. J: I think a lot of readers got sucked into those publisher-manufactured stories as youngsters. My own mother read the Bobbsey Twins. I read Nancy, and my younger sister got sucked into the Baby Sitters' Club books.