Monday, May 16, 2011

Gabbin', Glitches, Batman Sighting, and TBR Challenge

Today's my turn in the rotation over at Access Romance Readers Gab.  Today's topic du jour is Who Likes Short Shorts?  Yeah, that old Nair jingle had absolutely no effect on me.  Feel free to thank me for the ear worm in the comments section.


As many of you are probably aware of, Blogger went kaboom on Friday, wiping out a bunch of posts in the process.  The one post that seemed to be effected here at the Bat Cave was my review for Donna Alward's latest Harlequin Romance.  I was able to re-post it, but alas lost the comments in the process.  I feel bad about this - since I don't want anyone to think that I go through my comments and delete them willy-nilly.  I don't.  I delete spammers, and that's it.  So if your comment got sucked into the Blogger black hole (I think it was just Donna, Victoria, and Lauren who were effected!), I'm sorry.  For once, it was not the fault of my shoddy technical skillz.


In This News Is So Awesome I Don't Know Where To Begin department - some moron dressed up as Batman was arrested in tiny Petoskey, Michigan after bystanders reported to the cops that he was hanging from the roof of the local hardware store.  Apparently the culprit is a local kook, and well-known among Petoskey's boys in blue.  Seriously folks, stuff this wacky can only happen in Northern Michigan.  Well, and in Southern California.....

Many thanks to the coworker who sent this to me.  Just....awesome.


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I tend to clog up my stream on TBR Challenge Wednesday by posting links to the reviews from challenge participants.  Alas, I'll be traveling later this week - so no clogging of the Twitter stream.  Remember, if you're interested in following the challenge, you can find all the links to all those participating on the information page.


Lil Sis said...

Dude that animated little computer man is just disturbing! :(

JamiSings said...

Um, Wendy, I'd like to point out that "Who Wears Short Shorts?" was not originally a Nair jingle. It was a hit song from 1957 by The Royal Teens.

Nair just was totally uncreative and stole it for their jingle.

nath said...

LOL, the animated little computer icon... that's how I've been feeling ^_^;

Wendy said...

Lil' Sis & Nath: Sometimes I like to think of him as a self-portrait.

Jami: Of course! I had totally forgotten about that! Man, it's been ages since I've heard that one..... (outside of the jingle of course).