Saturday, April 30, 2011

What? No Bodice Ripping?

In light of the brain-bleed inducing Judy Mays story (please read the Smart Bitches coverage, but make sure you take your blood pressure medication beforehand!) - I thought it would be nice to highlight an article about a romance author that won't cause an aneurysm.

My Mom sent me this article from my local hometown newspaperCindy Dees is a guest speaker this weekend at a local RWA chapter retreat back home.  Despite reporting that Dees has won the RWAR RITAR award (uh, where did those extra R's come from?), it's a really nice article.  Most of it is ripped from Dees' online biography, but you know what?  Not one mention of "bodice ripping" anywhere.  No insinuations about Dees being some sort of deviant.  And no rippin' on some of the "colorful" titles Harlequin has slapped on her books.  It's really nice.  Or in the immortal words of my mother:
"Wow!!!  This woman is amazing!"
I agree Mom.  Ms. Dees sounds like she kicks some major butt.


Sunita said...

The extra Rs are for romance. Rowrrr.

What a nice story, and a hopeful sign that the number of non-idiots on the planet may in fact be higher than 1%.

Dr J said...

I like bodice ripping . . . it seems such a classic ingredient in all the old historical romances. I always think it is interesting that all the bodice rippers are so muscular that it sounds easy. But truth be told, ripping through as many layers as women in the old days wore--I really wonder about all that ripping be so easily done. Just a thought . . .

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha, Wendy! I don't have to read the article to know Cindy's bio - Air Force pilot. Intriging missions. Kick ass books.

As you know, I hate to fly. You graciously talked with me from Orlando to Vegas after last year's RWA Convention. Not only did you keep my mind off flying, but you shared the history of romance blogging (which was entertaining and enlightening).

Likewise, Cindy took time from her schedule at RWA to calm my fears about flying (particularly through turbulane and over water). Cindy just rocks!

Lori said...

I adore Cindy Dees' books! In fact, her very first category is on my keeper shelf.

Wendy said...

Sunita: LOL! I like that! The extra Rs are definitely for romance.

Dr. J: I'm one of the few romance readers who actually doesn't mind the term. What annoys me is when the term is used incorrectly. To describe books published 20+ years ago? Sure. To describe 99% of the romance novels published today? Uh, no. Actually that might deserve a "Hell, no!" LOL

Kim: I've never read Cindy's books. I'm chalking that up to me not naturally "gravitating" to Harlequin's romantic suspense lines (I like rom/sus but I'm VERY picky about it). I'm going to have to try one of her books now - just on the fact of her sheer awesomeness :)

Lori: Damn, well that cements it. I'm going to have to try some of her books. If you like her, chances are I will too.