Monday, April 4, 2011

Unplugged, Sort Of

Starting this afternoon the Bat Cave is going into sorta, kinda unplugged mode.  No, I will not be at RT.  Instead I'll be knee-deep in entertaining the Super Librarian Parental Units, and making a brief pit stop at my library's annual Literary Event on Saturday to moderate our always awesome-sauce romance genre panel.

All of which means my cyberspace presence will be next to nil until the middle of next week.  Oh sure, I'll be checking my e-mail and probably skimming blog posts - but actually leaving comments?  Responding to comments on my own blog?  Being anywhere remotely near Twitter?  Yeah, likely not to happen.  Or it'll be extremely hit or miss.

I do have a couple of filler posts scheduled to go live this week, so the blog won't be a total dead zone.  Not that it's ever a hot bed of bustling activity over here - but uh, less bustling than usual at any rate.

For all of you heading to RT - have a fantabulous time!  For the rest of you, stay safe, stay good to each other, and try not to get sucked into any Internet WTF-ery while I'm away.


nath said...

Awwww, sounds like a very busy week, but I'm sure you're going to rock the library's literary event! Jeez, do these people know how lucky they are to have you?

Will me you! Enjoy quality time with the Parental Units ;)

Stephanie said...

It's good to unplug every once in awhile. Enjoy the time with your parents! I'm sure the literary event will be nothing short of good times. :)

Wendy said...

Nath: Well, they probably don't :) I kid, I kid!

Stephanie: I think I'm starting to go through withdrawals....LOL