Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Cuteness, It Burns

Something to tide over the Lemon Drop Fan Club until my monthly reading recap post happens in another week or so.  I'm beginning to think y'all are a bit like my own parents.  You don't head out west to visit me or even my sister.  No, it's all about the baby.

Lemon Drop hits Mommy's bookshelf before bedtime for a little light reading.....

What can I say? Mommy's an English teacher. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance. 

Auntie Wendy is just going to have to slip her grocery bags full of Harlequins, books with oiled-up Fabio wannabes on the cover, and to even out the Love Cooties - books that feature dead bodies, autopsies, and the occasional serial killer.  After all, I want to ensure she'll be a well-rounded and informed reader, don't I?


nath said...

She's so cute!! And boy, she seems to have grown up so much in the last month! Are those teeth new? :P

And obviously, a book lover already!

michellewillingham said...

Could she BE any cuter? OMG, want to just scoop her up and have my baby fix.


Liza said...

Lemon Drop is such a cutie! Personally, I think she needs a variety of books to pick from too. BTW, I love she is "reading" To Kill A Mockingbird. Still one of my favorite books ever. :)

Julia Broadbooks said...

So darling. Those cheeks are nomable.

Becky said...

We just found a new series that Lemon Drop might like or she might be just starting to grow out of. They are wordless books made of some sort of stuff that makes them almost impossible to rip apart etc, but they still are paperlike enough to crinkle and wave nicely- invented by a mother of triplets. Anyway, they are called Indesrtuctibles and are published by Workman.

Leslie said...

Of course it's about the baby! There's just no way to compete with all that cuteness. :)

Lil Sis said...

Ok, how many of you live near Pasadena? I'm looking for a good nanny! :) Or I'll take the occasional babysitter even. :)

Wendy - I do have some "naughty" books on my shelf - I have a few Emma Holly books and of course my "classic" naughty books like DH Lawrence and Nabokov. But most are "English teacher" books I admit. :)

Marie-Thérèse said...

Becky, I'm going to look for those Indestructibles for my sister's twins!

As for Lemon Drop, I love her chubby little feet! So cute! (And I have now used my quota of exclamation points for the week.)

Wendy said...

Nath: Yep, the top front teeth are both new.

Michelle: I'm not sure how much longer she'll be a "baby." She's standing up like a champ now! Figure she'll start walking at any moment.

Liza: My sister's collection is small and eclectic. Probably for the best that Lemon Drop picked up Harper Lee and not, say, All U Can Eat by Emma Holly! LOL

Julia: She got skinny for a little while because of a growth spurt, and now she's back to being a chunky monkey.

Becky: Oooh, thanks! Lil' Sis told me she's getting better around paper, as long as it's "quality" paper. Mass market paperbacks she still likes to tear, but heavier books she likes to sit and flip the pages :)

Leslie: Yeah, pretty much. I won't speak for Lil' Sis - but I stopped being that cute around the second grade ;)

Lil' Sis: I thought you were going to call Mary Poppins?

Marie: Exclamation points are OK when we're talking about cuteness!