Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Librarian And The Palindromic Orange

Like a bad penny that keeps turning up, or that pesky case of athlete's foot that just won't go away.....I'm baaaaack! Oh Internet, how I missed you. Let us never be apart for a whole week ever again.

So where was I? I was in central New York. Now I'm sure one of you will pipe up that central New York does have Internet. And yeah, they do. But my in-laws? They do not. No computer. At all. Not even dial-up for heaven's sake. No Starbucks. No library around the corner. Just farm land. And lakes. And they don't even have cable TV.

Seriously, it's amazing I was able to hang on to my last shred of sanity. Oh Internet, my electronic wubby, let us never be apart for a whole week ever again.

Did I already say that?

Ahem, anywho.

In between a family funeral and Thanksgiving, we did hit a Syracuse basketball game. Hence me making a dip out of myself (situation = normal) posing with their mascot, Otto the Orange. Yes, an orange. And before you accuse Syracuse of having the dopiest mascot known to college sports, I'll see you one orange and raise you the Standford Tree. My Man also bought me my very own stuffed Otto to commemorate the occasion. Oh, and to give me something else to proudly display in my office cubicle. Seriously, everyone will be sooooo jealous.

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully back into the normal swing of things. A couple of book reviews in the works as well - one for the Bat Cave, and one for TGTBTU.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I saw your picture on my google reader and thought, "That couldn't possibly be Otto the Orange!" And yet I was wrong. Hope you had a lovely time with the rural family :) Nice to see someone in my neck of the woods once in a while.

Lil Sis said...

Yes, an orange is WAY better than a tree! But I had a friend that went to a small school in Pennsylvania and their mascot was a FLYING DONKEY - yes, a flying JACKASS! No, I'm not kidding!

Glad you are back in Cali - Lemon Drop and I will be back there soon too. I bet you got TONS of reading done though with no TV and Internet.

Oh, and "No TV and no beer make Homer go something something" "Go crazy?" "Don't mind if I do!" Sorry, couldn't resist! :)

Phyl said...

Welcome back! DH wants to get some sort of tether thingy from Verizon that he could turn on and off to take camping and such so he always has internet. Sounds like what you need for central NY. Hope you got to do some reading!

Anonymous said...

California has aardvarks, banana slugs, sage hens and poets. I think we win the bizarre college mascot sweepstakes.

Welcome back! We missed you! Good thing you took all those books, right?

Marie-Thérèse said...

It amazes and amuses me that you, currently a Southern California girl, had to go all the way to NY to pose with an orange. Surely, some of our local So Cal teams must have an orange as a mascot (but I'm not any kind of sports fan so not sure about that). Cute photo, though!

Rosie said...

You and an orange -- who knew???

A Library Girl said...

Wow, that orange has long legs! And also, orange juice can totally burn your eyes, so I'd say it's better than a tree. A tree could hit you with a limb, I guess, but it has to wait for one to fall of first.

Wendy said...

SVZ: As you can probably deduce, I was in the Finger Lakes region.

Lil' Sis: Not as much reading as I would have liked. And after I got done hugging our modem, I hugged the cable box next. Happy day.

Phyl: We had Verizon for a while on the laptop, but cancelled because we didn't use it enough to justify the expense. They've since started offering more agreeable price packages, but not enough for me to sign a contract.

SonomaLass: And anteaters too! I love wacky college mascots :)

Marie-Thérèse: You'd think, wouldn't you? It's kind of funny Syracuse does have an orange as their mascot. I mean, New York isn't exactly a hot bed for the citrus industry! LOL

Rosie: Admit it, you're jealous.

Library Girl: I'm almost positive that Otto is a girl - because that orange is pretty small. It's either a girl or else a really, really short/slim guy.

HelenKay Dimon said...

That's my school mascot - go Syracuse!!!

Wendy said...

HelenKay: We went to the William & Mary game - which was an endless heart attack. The guys just aren't gelling well as a team at the moment.

nath said...

LOL, glad to know you survive :)