Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: He Wants To Sex Her Up

The Book: Disappear by Kay David

The Particulars: Harlequin SuperRomance #1074, 2002, Out of Print

The Blurb:
Alexis Mission returns to her parents' house for Thanksgiving and winds up in the middle of a mystery. The house is locked, the turkey's in the oven -- burned to a crisp -- four places are set at the table and not one member of her family can be found.

Sitting in the shadows is a man claiming to be a government agent. Gabriel O'Rourke wants her to believe what can't possibly be true. He wants her to go with him. He wants her to trust him. But that's not what Alexis wants.

Too bad she has no other choice. Gabriel is the only one who can tell her what's going on -- even if everything he says sounds like a lie.
Is It In Wendy's TBR?: No, I don't. But gotta say, I'm intrigued by this back cover blurb. Given my reputation for being a HSR 'ho, I surprisingly only have one Kay David book in my TBR - Not Without Cause. A hold over from the days when the Harlequin art department thought the photographers should smear gobs of Vaseline on their camera lens to give the books that out-of-focus women's fiction-y look. I'm kinda glad those covers didn't stick around for very long. But, I digress....

Any Reviews?: Not really. All I could dig up were the standard Amazon customer reviews. All either four or five stars.

Anything Else?: Ladies, let's just imagine for a moment the horrors this poor heroine must go through in this story. She comes home for Thanksgiving, already dreaming of a tryptophan and sweet potato coma while watching the Detroit Lions embarrass themselves on national television. But what should await her when she arrives? No, not Mumsy and Daddy waiting to embrace her in a warm welcome-home hug - but a guy who looks like a reject from Color Me Badd. Or an extra from the original Beverly Hills 90210. Wait a minute, how about Color Me Badd on 90210?

Yes kids, this is the kind of schlock we listened and watched during the 1990s. Scary, isn't it?

As for the author, David has a fairly extensive category backlist, mostly HSRs. Her web site is not very current, but at last mention she's shifting gears somewhat and working on an inspirational suspense novel.


Alie said...

lol Color Me Badd. Good one, Wendy! I am kind of intrigued by the back cover blurb as well though...

Bronwyn Parry said...

Wendy, I read this book when it came out in Australia some years ago, and I liked it. It's actually a little different from many romantic suspense stories; there's quite a time gap between the opening, when he takes her away from her family's house, and the main part of the story, when he returns to her (new) life, some years later. It isn't an easy read in many ways, but I did find the characters written very deftly, and the slowly developing relationship realistic in the difficult circumstances.

It has stuck in my mind, although I haven't read it since. It's still on my shelves, so I'll have to go back now and have another read.

nath said...

Oh, this sounds pretty good and interesting!! :P

Wendy said...

Bronwyn: Thanks for the mini-review! I like romantic suspense, but for some reason I don't naturally gravitate towards it when it crops up in the HSR line. Even though I love that Harlequin line. Go figure. I may have to check this one out. I'm very tempted!

Alie & Nath: This would be why I joined Paperbackswap many moons ago. They keep me in those out-of-print, haven't-been-digitized Harlequins I stumble across :)