Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: Cave Man Meet Woman

The Book: Getting Lucky by Susan Andersen

The Particulars: Contemporary romance, Avon, 2003, Book 2 in a series, In Print

The Blurb:


Lily Morrisette wants roots, respect, her own business, and independence. So what is she doing on a road trip with a good-looking marine who's carrying her into the heart of serious peril?

It started out as an impulsive lark fueled by her strong chemical reaction to sexy Zach Taylor -- a tough, blustery, yet tender-in-spite-of-himself career military man who's determined to break up his darling "baby sister" Glynnis's wedding engagement. But there's no Glynnis waiting for them at the end of the line -- only a ransom note . . . and a death threat.

Amid a dangerous nest of family secrets, the heat between Zach and Lily soon becomes unbearable as a kidnapper's dark and twisted scheme pulls them closer than either dreamed possible. And when passion explodes, Lily's reckless act could prove to be either the best risk she's ever taken . . . or her last.

Is It In Wendy's TBR?: Nope.

Any Reviews?: Oh man. It's honestly hard to know where to begin. So I just better get to it.

The Romance Reader gave this 2 Hearts (equivalent to a D grade):
Like most - if not all - romance readers, I like alpha heroes, but there’s alpha and there’s alpha. Give me the alpha hero whose high testosterone level doesn’t need to compensate for his low I.Q. and lousy P’s and Q’s. There are some guys whose social skills consist of hanging out with his buds chugging down pitchers of beer, talking in monosyllables and grunts about sports, and scratching themselves in private places. Yeah, sometimes these guys tie the knot, but this kind of behavior doesn’t harbinger a happily ever after. I kept hoping Lily would shake Zach’s hand, say “It’s been real,” and walk out. Sadly, she keeps the lunk.
All About Romance was a teeny bit kinder with it's B- grade:
Yes, Zach is the usual Andersen hero, the kind of guy who's so alpha it's a wonder he doesn't club Lily over the head with his penis. Even for those used to Andersen's ultra-alpha heroes, Zach may be a little hard to take. He huffs and he puffs and he stomps around misjudging everyone in sight. He's wrong about Lily, he's wrong about the family of Glynnis's fiancé, he's wrong about both villains. It would have been nice if he'd been right about something to make him less of a cocky blowhard.
Publisher's Weekly offers this insight (you can read full review at Amazon):
Zach is surprisingly ineffective and unlikable right up to his 11th-hour romantic capitulation, while Lily's sexual, culinary and financial sophistication seems unusual for a woman who curses by saying "holy petunia" and "oh, poop." But perfect pacing, steamy sex and a fun cast of secondary characters make up for what's missing in character consistency. From David's belatedly blossoming sister to Zach's charming Marine buddies, the story's supporting cast adds human warmth and an extra dose of fantasy.
And you know I'm saving the best for last right? Mrs. Giggles gave this a 56:
I love Zach. He's wrong, 200% wrong, I wonder sometimes if there's anything beyond static going on in that head of his. Maybe his moronic overcompensating bullying behavior is a result of repressed memories of his shower room hazing by the Marines. Sssh, it's okay, Zach, you don't show, I won't tell. Of course, Lily is always right, but what little joy that is in seeing her being right again and again is ruined by Zach insisting on being stupid and wrong just as again and again. Lily is no pushover at the surface, but I seriously question the sanity of any woman who puts up with so much crap from a man who demonstrates again and again that he is only slightly smarter than a brain-damaged sloth.
Anything Else?: Yes, this makes me a very bad girl - but I had loads of fun reading these reviews. Just did. And the author is still going strong. She's got a new book out now, four books (three are reissues) slated for 2011, and a slew of fans.


Phyllis said...

I like Susan Andersen. To a point. This was probably the worst book by her that I read. No, wait, there are one or two of her very first ones that left me shaking my head and glad that I got them from the library or the UBS. She's not my favorite, but as far as escapist lit goes, she's good.

Hardly a ringing endorsement, I know!

Kate Diamond said...
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Kate Diamond said...

I really liked some of the other books in this series. I think it's Head Over Heels that's set in a bar in Fossil, Washington. Great hero, great heroine, and great conflict.

nath said...

I cannot pinpoint what makes Ms Andersen books work. I enjoy her books a lot, but looking back, she has a lot of meh books like this one. Hmmmm, perhaps because her good books are really good? :P

Lori said...

I remember liking this one, and the entire series. But they need to be taken at face value - light, fun fluff.

Holly said...

I think the important thing to remember is when this series was published - early on in her career. I liked some of them (though I can certainly point and laugh at some of the tropes/cliches she uses) and didn't like some of them, but they're all very readable (meaning I don't want to DNF them).

Gail Dayton said...

I probably have all the books Susan Andersen has ever written. I think. However, I do not remember this one. I'm sure I've read it. I remember the cover, but darn if I can remember... Some of Andersen's books are better than others, some I've liked better than others--but I've liked all of them. Her latest is BURNING UP, which has a "bad girl returning home." I liked the way she handled it.