Monday, September 20, 2010

Nothing To See Here

I'm on the road! First, it's my turn in the rotation over at Access Romance Readers Gab. Today I'm talking about romance reader stereotypes. Stop on by and share what makes you 1) not a stereotype and 2) a snowflake!

I also have three, count 'em three!, reviews over at TGTBTU. I read Vicki Lewis Thompsons' Sons Of Chance Harlequin Blaze series back-to-back-to-back and naturally reviewed all of them at once.

In other news, after a delayed flight out of So. Cal. and hiking roughly 42.9 miles through the Minneapolis airport, I made it to Michigan. And yes, I finished The Night Season by Chelsea Cain on the plane.

(So good!)


Jack said...

I just checked out your reviews, interesting and informative and witty as ever!!

JamiSings said...

I just started reading on the stereotypes one. Gee, you get the cleaner stereotypes! I mention I work in a library on the internet and guys assume I wear a bun, glasses, micro-miniskirts, and sky-high heels, and that I do guys - and gals - in the stacks. They watch WAY too much library porn.

Besides, I'm a library clerk, not a librarian.

I think I prefer the stereotypes you get!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Popped over to Access Romance and commented to the Romance Stereotypes. I forgot to add that I used to wear 4 inch heels in my party days, but now I wear Birkenstocks. Not quite orthotics, but I'd rather be comfortable walking around base!