Monday, September 13, 2010

The Month That Was August 2010

Lemon Drop: Why yes Auntie Wendy, tell me more about the books you read in August. I am ever so interested in hearing more.

Me: OK, Lemon Drop. Just don't tell your Mommy what we've talked about. None of these books are ::ahem:: very age appropriate for a 5 month old.

I hit a bit of a slump in mid-August, but managed to rebound somewhat and finished six books. OK, one of these was a short story. So sue me. Here's how it breaks down:

Title links will take you to full reviews.

Blame It On The Moonlight by Tracie Sommers, Harlequin Spice Briefs, 2010, Paranormal erotic romance digital short story, Grade = B
  • Nice atmosphere, well-done erotic elements and a neat spin on the whole "soul mates" thing that tends to crop up in werewolf stories. Harlequin Cheat Sheet: Heroine Done Wrong, One Slimy Asshole Ex, Hot And Sexy Werewolf.
Hell For Leather by Beth Williamson, Samhain, 2009, Historical western erotic romance, Grade = C-
  • Good erotic elements, interesting characters, interesting backdrop/setting - but too much story stuffed into too few pages left the romance lacking.
Warrior by Zoe Archer, Zebra, 2010, Historical adventure fantasy romance, Grade = B
  • Just an all-around fun and interesting story. A manly non-titled hero, an unconventional heroine, interesting historical setting (Mongolia!), treasure hunting, convincing bad guys, and a light touch with the fantasy/paranormal elements. Looking forward to the next three books in this series.
The Family Man by Trish Milburn, Harlequin American #, 2010, Grade = B
  • A nice romance about nice people. Cop and single mother falls for former military man determined to live a no-strings, no-commitments, slacker lifestyle. Naturally when their paths cross, and attraction ignites, complications ensue. Harlequin Cheat Sheet: Single Mom, Kindly Neighbor Woman, Former Military Hero With Shades Of PTSD, One Runaway Kid, One Cutesy Toddler, One Well-Adjusted Teen Girl.
The Accidental Countess by Michelle Willingham, Harlequin Historical, Historical romance, Grade = C-
  • Nice spins on the old amnesia and Cinderella tropes. A solid compelling mystery, but a romance that didn't always work for me. After a while, I wanted Cinderella to grow a spine and the insensitive hero to catch a clue. Harlequin Cheat Sheet: Heroine With Scandalous Family, Disapproving Family Members, Amnesia!, Cinderella, Mean Old Society Biddies.
The Accidental Princess by Michelle Willingham, Harlequin Historical, Historical romance, Grade = B
  • Military hero who may be a long lost Prince falls for a proper young lady who is "too good for him." Liked that the heroine acted the way a well-born Victorian lady might. The hero is the stuff of all good romance heroes - smart, brave, honorable and flirtatious. After a while the "We can't be together because...." did get tiresome, but otherwise, I rather liked this one. Harlequin Cheat Sheet: Long Lost Royalty?, Soldier Hero, Heroine Trapped In Gilded Cage, Scandal!, Reverse Cinderella.
Lemon Drop: Wow! You're right. Mommy might not be happy to hear that you told me all that. We'll keep it our little secret.

Me: Good idea. Mommy might not think you're ready for sexy werewolves just yet. She can be unreasonable like that...


Lil Sis said...

Well remember I was pregnant while working - I TRULY doubt any of those books (or their language) will shock my daughter. At least not after hearing my students talk! She probably already knows all the various gang signs and how to curse in Spanish and English. :)

nath said...

Awww Wendy! She is so chubby and adorable and it's as if she's posing! I think you have a future model on hand ;)

LOL, I think you kept it quite tame :)

CindyS said...

Lemon Drop is just way too cute - that picture is perfect!!

We'll see how Mom feels when her little one is 12 ;)


Cheryl St.John said...

Adorable baby!

Tracy said...

I wasn't sure about the Archer since I didn't completely LOVE the novella before this. I liked it but didn't know if I wanted to read more. Nice to hear you liked it.

Lemon Drop = Adorable

Kwana said...

You and Lemon Drop have the best conversations! What a sweetie.

Leslie said...

She's growing so fast! And adorable - like she knows we'll just eat it up. :)

Wendy said...

Lil' Sis: And when she hears "With so much drama in the LBC..." she thinks "Preach it Snoop!"

Nath: True, I was pretty tame - even with the erotic titles....

Cindy: Well, when she's 12 there's always her Auntie Wendy's backlog of Harlequin Romances....

Cheryl: She's pretty cute! And chubby!

Tracy: I never did get around to reading the novella. Oh sure, I have it. On my Sony Reader even. Just haven't gotten around to reading it.....

Kwana: Pretty good conversations - and our vocabularies are about the same! LOLOLOL

Leslie: It's always shocking to me every time I see her. Just in the last month she's really grown up!

*Goddess* said...

She is so sweet, and I love the nickname Lemon Drop:)

Liza said...

Lemon Drop is such a cutie!!!