Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wendy's Brain-Fryin' Day

While the RWA conference traditionally starts with Thursday's keynote luncheon, it actually kicks off for me on Wednesday with Librarian Day. This year was the first time I was going to be presenting and I was nervous. I pretty much go into any public speaking engagement with the fear that I'm going to suck. Pessimistic soul that I am.

Tessa Dare and I talked about romance collection development in public libraries, and it's not a terribly sexy topic, but an important one. We were the last panel before lunch, which had me worried since I figured I'd look out into the audience and see people gnawing their arms off from hunger. But what was really tough? Yeah, the panel before us? Was all on Young Adult romance and it kicked ass. You could literally hear Tessa and I thinking during that whole presentation "oh crap." It was a tough act to follow! But afterward we did have people come up and tell us they liked our presentation. Not everyone is ever going to like everything, but I'm relieved that at least some people liked us. Heh.

After the librarian luncheon, it was Librarian Goody Room time - which is always obscene. Obscene in a massive book-orgy-promo kind of way. The amount of stuff I got? Oh Lordy! Romance authors are too generous for words. I had to make a quick pit-stop in my room to dump my loot and then it was mix and mingle time with Librarian Day attendees and a bunch of authors. I got to chat with so many people, including RWA's Librarian Of The Year, Jennifer Lohmann , kickass historical romance authors Carrie Lofty and Deb Marlowe, and YA romance writer Simone Elkeles - who was very happy to hear that my Lil' Sis could not keep her book, Perfect Chemistry, on the shelf of her classroom lending library. It was being read by her students THAT much!

After the mix and mingle it was Literacy Signing time. I met up with AztecLady, Rosie, KristieJ, Lisabea and AnimeJune to stand in line. I have to say, that this year's space for the signing was really nice. A big room, with lots of space. I didn't feel crushed in a sea of bodies, and I didn't spend the whole time saying "Excuse me, I'm sorry, pardon me" etc. etc. etc. I spent a bit more money than I planned on - but buying three trade paperbacks will do that to a person! But one of those was for a good cause. I had to buy My Man's mother a copy of Maid To Match by Deeanne Gist.

The Lit. Signing led right up to the second Blogger Bar Bash. I thought this was going to be a small affair, since there are several parties that happen after the Signing that I knew would keep some folks away. Holy cow! I can't believe how many people turned out! Several authors, several aspiring authors, our merry contingent of bloggers, several folks from AAR, and even Jill from Romance Rookie! I totally blanked on her being a Florida gal, and she drove in to attend the Lit. Signing. She literally flagged me down at the Signing when we wandered down the same aisle together. See, I told you that room was big and roomy. There was even space to read name tags!

This made for a hugely long day, so now Kristie and I are back in our room. As we happen to do (quite often) we got talking and Kristie said....

"Wendy, I'm so glad you're my roommate."

Me: "Awwwww, that's so sweet of you to say. What with me being blatantly obnoxious and all."

Kristie: ::totally deadpan delivery:: "Well, I'm one of the few people who can handle you."


Me: "OMG! I am so putting that on the blog!"

And I have. And that's what is so great about RWA. Banding together with fellow romance novel lovers and smart-asses. Seriously, what's not to love about KristieJ?

Blogger note: Hopefully this is a semi-coherent post. Did I mention this is a long-ass day for me? It's now officially "tomorrow" (Thursday!) and I'm still awake. Seriously? Wendy? Get your ass in bed.


Jane said...

Both of you are the best. I miss you guys. Thanks for taking the time to blog and share with us who are at home. I know it's a real hassle at the end of the day.

Wendy said...

Jane: My first two blog posts were actually accomplished during daylight hours. A rare and wondrous occurrence! You know how it is. It always seems like your only time to blog is 2AM when you're half out of your mind from sleep deprivation. And my grammar/spelling/coherence is pretty shaky on a *good* day. Heh.

nath said...

The room for the literary signing looks great :D Can't wait to hear what you got :P And for a moment, I was like: Your Man reads romance?!? :P

Sounds like you guys are having a great time :D and I'm glad your presentation with Tessa Dare went well :P

Amy said...

Wow, I like the huge room for the booksigning. Last year's RWA literacy signing was enough to induce claustrophobia, if you didn't have it already. But I wouldn't have traded my experience there for the world.

Jill Sorenson said...

I've only been to RWA once and I LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG. Have fun frying your brain and canoodling. Thanks for the news & pics.


Jill D. said...

Hey Wendy!! It was so great meeting you and getting to "hear" your voice, LOL! It was funny when you recapped your late night conversation between you and Kristie. I could TOTALLY hear both of you :) It seemed like something Kristie would say, LOL! I can just picture in my mind the right inflection in her voice.

Keep up the recaps. I love reading them!

Jami Gold said...

Thanks for putting together the Blogger Bar Bash. I had fun meeting so many people I "knew" from Twitter. :)