Monday, March 15, 2010

Warner Winner, DNF Update & Taxes

The first order of business for today's blog post is to announce a winner for one of the contests I currently have going on. The lucky winner of the copy of Pieces Of Sky by Kaki Warner is:


Please e-mail me (you can find my address here) with your shipping address and I will get your prize sent out to you this week!


For those of you curious as to what I'm attempting to read after two DNF historical romances in a row, I decided on Entertaining Mr. Stone by Portia Da Costa, a contemporary erotic romance that was published by Black Lace several years back. Da Costa has a writing style that just flat-out appeals to me (her brand of erotica has a lovely playful quality to it) and her work for Black Lace was always so wonderfully....British. And don't think it hasn't struck me as amusing (and slightly sad) that this contemporary erotic romance has more of a "sense of place" than the Regency historical I just slapped a DNF on.

I'm only 25 pages into the book so far. Hopefully it will keep me entertained, and I'll have it read and reviewed by Wednesday. :::fingers crossed:::


After ignoring the fact I had to get them done for the past month and a half, I finally sat down to do our taxes this weekend. I'm not sure why I was procrastinating, since all of our paperwork was in order, and it didn't take us that long to get through.

The verdict is that My Man and I are getting nice returns back from the Feds, and are getting screwed by the state of California. With no changes on our end in regards to income and deductions - My Man's return is 50% less than last year and I actually owe the state. Granted, I owe them less than $100 - but it still frosts my cupcakes. You just know they're going to waste and squander that money. Will it go back into the Public Library Fund? Will they use it to purchase new equipment for our firefighters? Will they put it towards hiring a new police officer? Will my check be used for classroom supplies and improvements in one of our schools?

::snort:: This is California. My check will probably get stuck in committee and then they'll put Proposition SL on the ballot for the next election. "How should the state spend the Super Librarian's $74 tax check?"

You laugh - but it could happen. Seriously.


Renee said...

Congrats, Daphne!

Good luck with the DaCosta. Hope it breaks the cycle. I keep meaning to get back to reading more of her. I just haven't gotten there yet. (Groaning TBR pile, and all.) Tho' I am going to head over and check out Entertaining Mr Stone. ;-)

Oh, you are good! We have still been in taxes avoidance mode, but have to get off our butts this week.

Katharina said...

Well you know, I can't fault you on giving up on a DaCosta book, I know you like her, but personally I never discovered why *tongueincheek*. I did however enjoy the Osborne you discontinued, too :-) ... but then, I have certain moods that strike me from time to time that make me take apart a book until there's nothing left but a bad grade like a D or F. I prefer DNFing it before it comes to that.

Wendy said...

Renee: I'm hoping the Da Costa breaks the cycle too! I should know for sure after my lunch break today. I have plans to read more then :)

Katharina: I haven't DNF-ed the Da Costa - it's the book I'm hoping will break my 2-book DNF streak.

DNF-ing the Maggie Osborne was hearbreaking, because I normally love her books. Just wasn't feeling that one though. When I haven't promised a review to anyone (other than myself *g*) - I always go the DNF route. Life's too short, and my TBR too huge to slog through a book that isn't working for me.

Leslie said...

We haven't started the taxes yet. We'll probably owe a bit to the Feds. Which is okay with me. State too but it's usually like $20.

If anyone can get you out of the DNFs, Portia Da Costa should. :)

Amy said...

Is this California's way of getting around the IOUs they issued last year for state refunds, Wendy?

I just read an article on the states who will have delayed state refunds, and thought for sure I'd see SC on that list. I didn't, instead it was NC. I love Idaho's new bill they signed to prevent delayed refunds -- instead of the 121 day deadline before the state's required to pay interest on any refund owed, they cut it to 45 days. Now there's impetus for them to stop holding the money...

Liza said...

Luckily, we don't have a state income tax(yet) in TN. I filed my federal return several weeks ago.

Sorry you are on DNF roll right now, Wendy. Hope the DaCosta book breaks the cycle. I've heard so many great things about her books, but haven't read any yet. Must try to get my TBR pile under some control. Might have to start giving books away to help the cause.

Wendy said...

Leslie: I'm glad I have them done and over with now. Not sure why I dragged me feet on getting our taxes done. I got through them fairly quickly, with minimal headaches.

Amy: There's an idea. Let's get out of the IOU mess by making the people who normally get refunds write a check instead. Although, I honestly have nothing to complain about. What I owed the state wasn't really THAT much money. The fact that My Man's refund got cut in half from last year? That was a bit more shocking.

Liza: Da Costa's writing style really works for me, but I know other readers who can't tolerate it. My advice? She's published several electronic short stories with Harlequin Spice Briefs. A good way to test out her writing style without investing a lot of time, money and energy on your part :)

nath said...

So, how is the DaCosta? Hope you're not only going to finish it, but also enjoy it :D

That's really weird about the taxes. Sigh, I still need to do mine. My dad said this year, I should them myself LOL. Wish me luck.

Kristie (J) said...

Good luck with reading the whole book this time!
Re taxes - and a rant coming - Ontario is going the blended tax route - combining provincial and federal into one. That means things that only were taxed by one government will now be doubled - wonderful.
But what REALLY makes me see red is the provincial tax people are getting a severance package to the tune of $25 mil - BUT - they aren't losing their jobs!!! They will start working for the FEDERAL government the very next day. THEY AREN'T LOSING THEIR DAMNED JOBS - YET THEY ARE GETTING VERY NICE SEVERANCE PACKAGES.
And yes - I was yelling - screaming actually.