Saturday, December 26, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble

In my infinite wisdom, I opted for an early morning flight back to California. My logic, at the time, was that if bad weather hit, that would still give me all day Saturday and Sunday in order to make up for delayed or canceled flights. A sound plan, but one that lost some shine when I had to haul myself (and my parents) out of bed around 4AM. I left the snow and cold of the Midwest, to arrive home in California to 60 degree weather. In December. Yes the air quality sucks, and you practically need strategic battle plans to drive the freeways here, but you can't beat the weather.

I had a lovely holiday, despite coming down with some sort of plague Thursday evening. I must have picked up a stomach virus somewhere. Christmas Eve = Not Fun. At all. By Christmas morning I was keeping food down though, so I was able to enjoy the holiday meal. At this point I'd say I'm around 90% better. I still feel a little "off" - but given how sick I was Christmas Eve, I think it's just going to take a couple of days for my body to right itself.

My Man picked me up at the airport, and I've had a chance to unpack and mostly unwind. I've also had a chance to open up my Christmas presents.

Longtime readers of this blog know that My Man has mighty gift-giving powers. Over the years I've gotten a Sony Reader, a book case, an English tea set, jewelry, spa days - truly, he's excellent. So this year? What did I get?

More jewelry. Which I sort of figured, because ever since I got the book case I haven't really harped on about "needing" anything. But what girl in her right mind is going to scoff at the shiny? It was tanzanite this year. I got a pendant and earrings. They're very pretty and sparkly - which is technical jeweler talk dontcha know?

What else did I get? A signed, first edition of Angel Eyes by Loren D. Estleman.

Given that this is largely a romance reading blog, most of you are probably going "Huh?" right about now. Estleman is a kick-ass Michigan writer - mostly dealing in westerns and mysteries. Angel Eyes is the second book in his Amos Walker crime-noir-style series, set in Detroit. I love this series, and this edition is hard to come by. It had a limited print run, wonky distribution, and frankly that cover is all sorts of awesome. So naturally it's a gem among those who collect the series. I figured I was never going to own it - mostly because I'm cheap frugal and didn't want to shell out the bucks for it. I mentioned it to My Man (in passing no less) months ago, and he practically chanted the title and author to himself so he wouldn't forget. Then he dug up a signed first edition thanks to the wonders of the Internet. And boy howdy, is this copy in excellent shape. Like someone encased it in Mylar after it was released in the wild back in 1981.

So yeah, I got a book and jewelry. Something tells me most of my blog readers are smitten with the jewelry - and I'll admit I am too. But the thoughtfulness of the book just slays me. Now to figure out where I'm going to house this lil' beauty.

You think a safety deposit box would be too over-the-top?

I'm kidding. I think. Maybe. OK, mostly.


JamiSings said...

Your man was thoughtful enough to get you a book you wanted? Can we clone him, please? I want a man who'll buy me books!

Marg said...

I have always wanted some tanzanite myself - so pretty! Another good year for the Super Librarian

Lori said...

Welcome home! Good gift mojo from the Man! Merry Christmas :)

PK the Bookeemonster said...

What a great guy and excellent gifts. My guy always has to have an element of teasing to his gifts so he first made me open three packages -- they contained Jane's (brand name) books of tanks, warcraft and something else. He said he saw that I was missing them in my book collections. I said he could borrow them if he wanted. THEN he let me open up my Kindle. :)

Katie Mack said...

That he would remember you wanted Angel Eyes and then track down a signed first edition for you is totally and completely awesome.

Oh, and the jewelry's cool too. But not as cool as that book!

LoriK said...

I'm glad that you're mostly over the Plague & that you made it home safely.

Your Man has indeed lived up to his rep for giving excellent gifts. I swear I'm amazed that other men don't try to hurt him for making the rest of them look bad.

And the book really is the primo gift this year. The sparkly is always nice, but the book proves that he listens when you talk and that he cares about what's important to you. No amount of sparkle can top that.

Wendy said...

Jami: He's only gotten me 2 books in the 12 years we've been together. I tend to buy whatever I want on my own, he sees my overflowing book case and figures, "she doesn't need more books." Which honestly, I don't. But this was a collectible, so it was in a class by itself.

Marg: It's a beautiful gem. The new necklace and earrings will go with a ring I already have :)

Lori: He had me guessing this year. I figured jewelry of some sort, but the book was a major surprise.

PK: Enjoy that new Kindle! My Sony Reader was a gift from My Man a few years ago and it ranks right up there as one of my all time favorite presents.

Katie: He's really good with stuff like that. He'll remember something I say in passing, then file it away as a future gift idea.

LoriK: Well, he's like most men - and listens when he wants to! LOL But he's really a thoughtful gift giver. I think it comes from having an overworked mother and 3 sisters.

Leslie said...

Love the pretty and sparkly! And the book... a gift you won't ever forget. You're man should hold training seminars in gift giving. I’m betting many women would pay well to send their men! LOL

Good to hear you’re feeling better – sucks to be sick during the holidays and while traveling.

JamiSings said...

He still went out of his way to get you a book you mentioned months ago. That's worth more then jewelry.

I swear, if a man ever wanted to prove himself to me, it's books that'll do it. Especially if he can track down and buy me a complete set of the original Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators series.

But we still have to elope in Vegas and only if he can find a Rabbi who does Sammy Davis Jr impressions and can do the ceremony in Klingon.

catie james said...

Oh yeah - the book definitely tops jewelry on all counts. Thoughtful, slam-dunk in terms of what you wanted, the search (yeah web-browsing makes such finds infinitely easier, but still...), all = creme de la creme of gift-giving.

Lynn Spencer said...

Tanzanite is gorgeous! Still, the tracking down of the book is truly awesome. That's just such a sweet gift.

Wendy said...

Leslie: I tell him that all the time! We could probably make a small fortune on those seminars.

Jami: LOLOLOLOL! You could probably arrange a wedding like that in Vegas with just a couple of phone calls.

Catie: The Internet has really been a boon for collectible and used books. And no shock, since the author is from Michigan - My Man tracked the book down from a MI used book store. He saved the guy's business card for me :)

Lynn: The tanzanite is honestly the nicest jewelry I own. Too many years of working food service got me out of the habit of wearing "nice" jewelry (or any jewelry for that matter). It's taken me years to get back into the habit.

nath said...

Again, I think Your Man gets the gift giving award :D The pendant is beautiful and matches your ring :) I bet the earrings do as well!

LOL, lucky Your Man isn't as frugal as you :)

nath said...

Oh, ps - next time, maybe you can get a later, but still morning flight? say, 10am? :)

Wendy said...

Nath: He informed me he came in under his budget. I still think he spent too much - but since I'm on the receiving end here I really shouldn't complain ;)

The airlines have cut down on the number of flights so much that it really limits my options. It was either 6AM or 6PM. I went with 6AM thinking it would give me "more time" to find a way back to CA should I get hung up by bad weather, cancelled/delayed flights.

Liza said...

Love that your man not only got you some great jewelry, but a signed first edition book. The fact that he had to track down the book means even more. You have a keeper there Wendy...can you clone him?