Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Thousand Deaths

First things first, I'm over at Romancing The Blog today talking about Great Moments In Romance Genre History. OK, maybe it's not quite that involved. Still, I spent a fair amount of time banging my tiny pea brain against the proverbial wall trying to come up with a topic for this post - so why not go on over and check it out? Maybe leave a comment? C'mon, you know you want to.

In other news, for those of you insane enough to watch last night's tie-breaker between the Tigers and the Twins, now you know what the hell I've been going through all year long. Everyone is now talking this morning about what a great game it was, and how it's an instant "classic."

Horse hooey.

By my count, the Tigers stranded 349 base runners last night. You cannot win games when you strand base runners, and you sure as hell don't win games against the Twins doing that crap. You cannot leave the door open on the Twins. They will, sooner or later, waltz right on through it. Which is what they did last night. So once again I get to watch the Tigers do a late season swoon, while the Twins, once again, kick on the afterburners and finish strong.


Oh well.

Not that it matters much.

In theory it doesn't really matter who won the American League Central because on paper the Yankees should mop the floor starting today. Of course the playoffs are kind of funny. So often it's not about the best team, the all-star players, or who even had the better record during the regular season. Nope. It's all about who gets "hot" at the right time. And the Twins could, in theory, get hot after last night's emotionally draining win. We'll see though. My money is still on the Yanks (damn their black, merciless souls) although my heart is now rooting for the Angels.

As for the National League? Watch out for the Cardinals. As for that other southern California team? Joe Torre or no Joe Torre coaching them, I don't believe in the Dodgers. Sorry L.A.


Phyl said...

Well you saw my comment about last night's game. Love that Jayson Stark column. I'd love to see the Twins' emotionalism stomp the Yankees, but they also have to be exhausted, so I don't see it happening.

I do agree with you--the Angels will probably beat the Sox & the Cards beat LA. That Colorado/Philly matchup is hard to call. But you know who I'm rooting for :-)

And 9 straight hours of baseball today. I love October!

Tara Marie said...

LOVED your RTB post today :)

And I felt very bad for you and the Tigers, we watched the whole game--Inge was hit by that pitch. And as to Phyl's hope that the Twins stop the Yankees I can only pray not.

SonomaLass said...

Well, the Dodgers don't believe in you either, so there! :P

Seriously, I'm sorry Detroit couldn't do it last night -- I really thought they had it with bases loaded in the 10th. What a heartbreaker.

Off to read your other post now....

Wendy said...

Phyl: I pretty much agree with your assessments - but it's October. Who the heck knows how it will all shakedown? I picked the Phillies at the beginning of the year to repeat, but I think My Man might be right about the Cardinals.....

TM: I wasn't that upset about the lack of the hit by pitch call. It's the playoffs. No umpire wants to make that call unless the batter is literally beaned in the head. Also, the Tigers stranded so many base runners last night they flat out didn't deserve to win it. Period.

On paper, I think the Yanks run away with the AL title (although the Angels could make it interesting). Per usual, all boils down to what team's pitchers show up, and who has timely hitting.

SonomaLass: Not sure about their pitching. Also, their late season swoon, coupled with how well St. Louis and Colorado have been playing give me pause. But if they get hot? They could take it.

Lil Sis said...

Again - as long as it's not the Dodgers. Dumbass Miguel came in head to toe Dodgers crap today just to rub it in my face! :(

Lisa said...

We watched the game from the other view- rooting for the Twins. There were quite a few moments where it seemed certain to go the other way. I won't say I'm not happy to have won, but those last few innings were awfully intense.

Mayberry Mom said...

I HATE the Yankees. I hate them with all that is in me. Hubs is from MN and is a Twins fan. I'm hoping they take down the Yankees, but it's not looking good right now.

I'm a WI girl so I'm a Brewers fan. yeah, we didn't even have a .500 season, but I still love 'em. So, I can't really get my head to root for the Cards since they beat us in the '82 World Series (hey, it's not like the Brewers get to the World Series often, so we do have a long memory! LOL).

However, I root for two teams: The Brewers and WHOEVER plays the Yankees!! :o)

Philly Phan said...

Unless you're from NY and for some reason hate the Mets, I don't see how anybody can love the Yanks with their monumental payroll and even bigger egos. Phils will win it all again because this year they have the virtually unbeatable Cliff Lee to baffle Teixiera, Jeter and Co.

Love to see an Angels/Phils World Series.

Meanwhile tune in to the President's Cup for some great drama. When Tiger holed that long one on 17 yesterday, that one shot turned all the momentum around and sank the Internationals. That's why he's the greatest athlete in the world!