Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Book Friday

I used to order quite a few of my Dead Tree Harlequins via their web site, and when I did - I always tried to order on Fridays because of their weekly free book offer. I've since gone digital for my Harlequin fix, but I still love to check out their Freebie Friday deals because....well, just because.

Today, October 30, the free book is none other than A Holiday Romance by Carrie Alexander. I reviewed this book earlier this summer for TGTBTU, giving it a B+. Making it one of the better books I've read this year.

Yes, I know the people on the front cover look like creepy plastic Stepford people - but this is exactly the kind of book I like to chuck at people who like to tell me (in a haughty, snotty tone no less) that all Harlequins have secret babies in them.

This little gem of a romance has no tycoons, no babies (secret or otherwise), no precocious toddlers, no amnesia, no whiff of pregnancy anywhere within the pages, and no cowboys. It's a nice, solid romance between two grown adults. Seriously. It's great.

So if you're thinking of putting together a Harlequin order anyway - why not do it today and get this lovely little book?


Lori said...

Well hell. I put in an order for about 8 books on Tuesday.

Leya said...

It's in my cart! :D Can't wait!

Wendy said...

Lori! Always order on Friday! Even if you don't want the freebie one of the grabby So. Cal. Bloggers would probably take it off your hands :)

Leya: I think you'll like this one. I've found we agree quite a bit on Supers.....

Katie Mack said...

I just got a Sony reader for my birthday a few days ago, so I'll be missing out on the Freebie Fridays from now on.

BUT, I discovered today that I can still get free Harlequin books, it's just free ebook Wednesdays at Sony instead. On Wednesday I happened to order a couple of Harlequin ebooks from Sony, and today I got the message about the promotion and free download of Caught in the Act by Samantha Hunter (Blaze). So that was a very nice surprise.

Just have to change my mindset to Freebie Wednesdays, from now on.

JenB said...

Oh, I LOVED this book!! How cool that it was today's freebie.