Monday, October 26, 2009

Excuse The Mess

Yeah, I basically unplugged this weekend. No bloggie for Wendy. Did y'all miss me? Heh - probably not. Anywho, unplugging also meant that my brain was on vacation, which means no post on one single topic. Yep, y'all are getting a list. Here are a few of the things rattling around in my brain at the moment:
  • Will someone please shoot the Gosselins' and put me out of my misery already? OK, that's probably harsh - especially since I feel sorry for those kids and their dumb luck that they were saddled with idiots for parents. But why? Why am I constantly subjected to the Gosselins' every time I go to the supermarket, turn on the TV and/or radio and get on the Internet. Go away. Both of you. You suck. To the rest of you: this is the kind of crap we get bombarded with when y'all endorse reality TV by actually watching it.
  • Yankee fans, your long national nightmare is over. You're going to the World Series for the first time since 2003. How oh how did y'all ever survive the drought? (Yeah, this would be sarcasm). I probably won't be watching, but at the beginning of the season I picked the Phillies to repeat. Of course I only made this declaration to My Man, so if the Phillies win only he will appreciate how supa-smart I am.
  • Steve Phillips was fired from ESPN for failure to keep his Mr. Happy in his pants. Already sued for sexual harassment back when he was GM of the Mets, he got involved with a 22-year-old whack job who showed up at his house and contacted his 16-year-old son through his Facebook account. When will these sports guys learn? If you're that hot to cheat on your wife, for heaven's sake, hire a professional. In the meantime, wife Marni has filed for divorce. I normally don't condone vindictiveness - but take him for every penny you can honey.
  • Since nobody in Hollywood is capable of an original idea, there are talks of rebooting the Dallas franchise. I loved Dallas. Loved that show. And I especially loved Linda Gray as Sue Ellen. She's apparently in talks to reprise her role, and for that reason I might watch one episode. If only to get my Sue Ellen fix.
  • Movies like Paranormal Activity make me go a big rubbery one. I managed to watch five minutes of the Blair Witch Project and it was 4 minutes and 59 seconds too many. Seriously. I don't get it people.
  • I am not getting a flu shot and no I'm not getting it for any conspiracy theory reasons. I never get a flu shot, mostly because I'd feel guilty that I was taking the shot away from someone who needs it more than I do. I don't have any pre-existing medical conditions. I don't have little kids or anyone remotely elderly at home. In the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty low risk. So low risk that I can't remember the last time I had the flu (that's how long it's been). The secret to my success? I drink enough tea to sink a fleet of ships (Antioxidants - Mmmm, mmmm, good!). But just in case, My Man and I are taking our vitamins and being diligent about the hand washing. You know. Normal, common sense precautions everyone should do all the damn time. I know. We're wacky.
And that's it. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon. In the meantime, feel free to sound off in the comments section.


Phyl said...

What bugs me is that it took ESPN all weekend to fire him. This story broke, what? last Wednesday? I hated Phillips anyway and I'm happy to see him go.

And of course *I* predicted the Phillies to win the NL. But I'm a Phan, lol!

Mandi said...

If I have to stare at the Gosselin's face one more time in the grocery line, I may start screaming obscenities.

I've never had a flu shot either. Isn't the most dangerous strain resistant to the vaccine anyway or something like that? Going to make some tea ;)

Smokinhotbooks said...

I really do try and not to read any Gosselin's new stories...but I can't help myself *sighs* he is just so freaking immature. I feel sorry for the kids though. I also am not getting the flu shot. I wish my reason was as good as yours, frankly I'm too scared I'll build up immunity & the virus will mutate. Srly I’m really lame for thinking that I must “work” on my lameness. Great post!

joykenn said...

Agree with you about everything, Wendy, except the flu shot. Folks, get your flu shot. If you've been lucky enough to not get the flu you don't remember how miserable it is. Achy, chills, high fever, coughs that make you think you're going to cough up a lung, headaches, sore throat--like the worst cold you've ever had times 5. And it lingers for weeks. And, you give it to everyone else in the house so that there is no one well enough to nurse the others. And you can easily wind up with a secondary infection as simple as bronchitis or as bad as pneumonia.

GET YOUR FLU SHOT. If you work with the public in a library it is full of nasty germs sprayed all over your desk, the computer keyboards, the books themselves. Folks will come up coughing up a lung and croak out a request for something to read when they are obviously too sick to focus. But they'll leave their little germs behind to keep you company. Yes, wash you hands and swim in tea but it'll only take one really bad case of the flu to make you a believer in modern healthcare--get the shot!

JamiSings said...

See, I watched the show because I absolutely adore Alexis and Aaden. The show could be all about them and their animal obsessions, especially Lexie's love for alligators. She makes me wish Steve Irwin was alive so he could've been on the show. I feel sorry for Kate. Jon has proven to be an immature money hungry little man-tramp.

Since I don't like sports I know nothing about ESPN. However I did hear Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has cancer. That sucks.

I miss you when you don't blog, but I have no life.

I've never had a flu shot. My doctor told me if you have certain allergies (including latex, apparently) you shouldn't have flu shots. I'm allergic to latex so....

Wendy said...

Phyl: First I heard of it was this morning. But this time of year the Bat Cave is All NFL, All The Time. When I don't have a pony in the baseball post season I pretty much quit cold turkey until spring training.

Mandi: Several months back, I just ignored it - thinking the story would die "soon." Ha! Now I'm getting cranky.

Smokinhotbooks: Something tells me you're not the only one who can't stop looking at the train wreck. Otherwise the story would have died by now. They must be selling a lot of tabloids!

Joy: Are you kidding? If I was still working with the public day in, day out I'd be wearing a hazmat suit! I'm currently in a fairly sterile admin building with Purell dispensers all over the place.

Jami: My former boss really liked the show. She has since retired, so not sure if she's still hooked or not.

I was on a tear with blogging last week, then fell off over the weekend. I was lazy.

Tara Marie said...

The Gosselin's 15 minutes were up what 5 years ago. Couldn't care less about the parents, I do feel sorry for the kids.

Big happy face for the Yankees :-D

Phillips' 15 minutes were up 5 years ago too, he needs to keep it in his pants and go away.

dancechica said...

Amen on the Gosselins. I am so tired of seeing and hearing about them everywhere. It's amazing to me how many reality TV "stars" become such big news when they haven't even really done anything to deserve such fame. It seems everyone is becoming famous for being famous.

I don't think I will get the seasonal flu shot (which is what I believe you're talking about). Never had the flu and I hardly get sick. I am seriously considering getting the H1N1 shot, though. I'm in one of the priority groups due to my age and they will be giving them out for free next month.

Lil Sis said...

Thanks for leaving a flu shot for the rest of us Wendy but I can NOT find one! Gah! And I'm at EXTREME risk since I'm preggers and all! :( I need to find a "no preservative" seasonal flu shot and the H1N1. So far barely anyone has the H1N1 and all are out of the seasonal (at least without the preservative). Well, crap - so much for urging pregger women to get them - you'd think my ob would have it but nope, they are out and STILL WAITING for new shipments. Sigh. :(

Wendy said...

Tara Marie: Heh - when the Yanks won Sunday night I thought of you. Honest. I thought, "wonder if Tara is still up watching this?"

Dancechica: I just flipped through the October 19 People magazine and ugh! There were the Gosselins! Again! Boo hiss!

Lil' Sis: Can you get get on a waiting list at your OB? And I'm assuming you've tried the health department? Mom told me yesterday that Dad was running up against the same problem. Everybody's OUT!

Kristie (J) said...

I'm not planning on getting the flu shot either - though they really are promoting it. Knocking on wood when I type this, I haven't had the flu for years. As for one for H1N1 - I'm still up in the air on that one.

Men and their Mr. Happy's *sigh*. We don't get ESPN so I don't know who you mean, but in general (and thinking David Letterman) you just want to smack so many of them don't you?

I haven't watched any of the baseball playoffs. If a team other then the Yankees had made it I might have watched some of the World Series - but nope - won't be watching the Yankees.

And the Gosselin's. I get so angry that parents can do such nasty to each other and be so oblivious to the damage it does to children.

Marelou said...

Hi Wendy and LilSis,

Try these sites to locate where flu shots are available. It is a good idea to call ahead and verify that the vaccine they have is what you need. ( there is a flu shot locator on main screen, just enter your zip code) (this one is from the american lung association, same deal, enter zip code, etc)

I hope this helps.


Wendy said...

Kristie: That's what's so irritating about all this media scrutiny/whoring. Those poor kids!

Marelou: That does help! Thanks so much. Bad Super Librarian for not thinking of checking the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Lil Sis said...

Marelou - thanks that site helped! I did still have to call every pharmacy as all were out. :( I FINALLY found one that had TWO shots left of the non-preservative shot that is saved for pregnant women. :)

Wendy - I'm waiting on the H1N1 but plan to wait for my OB to get it - she said they'll get plenty for all the current preggers. :) I'm already on the list of patients to call. :)

Alue said...

There aren't enough shots for you and the elderly too? It's kind of you to give yours up if so!

Alie said...

Lol and by Alue commenting I totally meant Alie. iPhone keeps correcting the spelling of my name!

Mayberry Mom said...

*sigh* I hate the Yankees. That said "Go PHILLIES!!" LOL

Swine Flu~had it. Been more sick with tonsillitis. I don't get the flu shot either because I don't have any risk factors (health wise) and I think those that need it more should get it. They are short of both kinds here so... Plus, this year, already had The Swine, so....

Barbara said...

Oh yeah...GO YANKEES!!!! :P

JamiSings said...

You know the quickest way to put an end to seeing the Gosselins everywhere? Get a law passed banning the stalkerazzi. Seeing how they make up 99.9% of the stories it's not really covered under freedom of the press, because it's badly written fiction.

Seriously, if the paparazzi were illegal, then we wouldn't have to have Kate or Jon on everything.

I can't help but think what would happen if the stalkerazzi used their powers for good instead of evil. They could root out government corruption. Find irrefutable evidence that Cassey Anthony murdered Caylee. Heck, I bet they could find Osama!

But ban them from stalking law abiding people. If they want to chase after convicted child molester Victor Salva (writer/director of Powder and the Jeepers Creepers movies), fine. Let them take sneaky photos of rapist Roman Polanski.

However celebs whom obey the laws, they'd be banned from taking pictures of or following.

And voila! No more Gosselins on every magazine.

Tara Marie said...

"wonder if Tara is still up watching this?" Of course, what type of fan would we be if we didn't watch?? We even woke the child up long enough to tell him they'd won--he'd woren his Yankee ball cap to bed for good luck.

Tara Marie said...

yikes, my fingers type faster than my brain works this early in the morning. "fans" not "fan" and "worn" not "woren".

Lynn M said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the Gosselins. I never understood the fascination with them in the first place, and I cannot for the life of me figure out who still cares now. It's like the media keeps shoving them out there even though no one cares. At. All.

Haven't had a flu shot in years. I'm not a high risk person, and I kind of think it's good for your body to build up some natural immunities on its own if possible. I am trying to get my kids the H1N1 shot, though.

And I agree about Paranormal. Who watches stuff like this? Who thinks it up? I'm a Supernatural fan, and that's as much creep-out as I can handle.

Wendy said...

LOLOLOLOL - Jami! I love the idea of putting the paparazzi on the hunt for bin Laden! They'd find him within days.

Heard more about the H1N1 vaccine on the radio this morning. Apparently here in Cali, they're only giving the shot to "high priority" people until they get more supplies in. So unless you're in one of those groups chances are you'll be turned away for the time being......

BookObsessed said...

Come on watch the World Series with me...please??? We need all the fans we can get just to keep the Yanks down!!! Even if it is just us yelling at the TV & tweeting about it the Phillies will feel the love! I couldn't stand to see the Yankees win again. I might not survive the horror of it. I'm just sayin...

I never get flu shots either & neither do I give them to my kids. Last year was only the second time ever that my girls got the flu and I never have had it so...Plus I'm not comfortable with the vaccine they rushed out to the masses for the H1N1 - uh...testing anybody...uh...HELLLOOOO??? Tea is a staple in my home so maybe that is a saving grace for us too?
The Gosselin's what can I say that hasn't already been said - except I think Jon Gosselin should be forced to have a vasectomy. Is that harsh?
Heather a.k.a. BookobsessedGrl

nath said...

I used to watch the Gosselins show, but not anymore. Boycott. Seriously, it is getting ridiculous!

And isn't sad that scriptwriters cannot come up with anything new anymore that they have to remake or update tv shows... seriously?!?

Mollie said...

I never saw Blair Witch Project. But for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to see Paranormal Activity. We were reading Salem's Lot for our book club selection in October and getting into the spirit of spookiness but I'm still having trouble sleeping after seeing Paranormal Activity. I can handle ax murderers and psychos but when it comes to ghosts and demon possession...that's some scary stuff!

I hear some people thought it was stupid. I found it completely and utterly terrifying!

I wish I could get just a NORMAL flu shot at this point. Guh. I work with A LOT of students and every place I call is out of the seasonal flu shot. Le sigh. I practically bathe in Purell at work.

Rosie said...

I loved this post because it was like having a conversation with you. So, considered yourself hugged SL.

I got the flu shot for the first time ever here at my conference, it was offered for free. Very convenient because my doctor was insistent i get one because of my arthritis. Blergh!

I hope Lil Sis gets lucky and gets one of those shots. I'd call the local hospitals too. Ours is offering a one day flu shot clinic and GIVING the shots away.

Yankees and the World Series? Don't even want to mention how that went down in my house. Needless to say "Go Phillies" has been echoed in the hallways.

Wendy said...

Heather: Well, I bet you're happy right about now. Just saw that Phillies won Game 1.

Nath: I know! Isn't it bad enough they're already trying to reboot Melrose Place? Do they have to go after Dallas too?!

Mollie: That's My Man. Anything supernatural-y or demon-like and it creeps him out.

Rosie: A conversation with me = scary on a normal day :) I e-mailed ya earlier. Lil' Sis did find a season flu shot, and I believe she's getting the H1N1 via her OB.

Alyssa said...

Yeah, I know way too much about the Gosselins considering I've never, ever watched the show. I'd love to have even a temporary moratorium on coverage for that family.