Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bronwyn Parry Contest Winner!

Today is the day the Bat Cave announces the winner of the super-awesome-neat-o Bronwyn Parry Contest. The winner will receive copies of both As Darkness Falls and Dark Country.

Thanks to the wonders of, the lucky winner is commenter #7. And lucky #7 is...

Tara Marie!!!!

Ms. Tara - please drop me an e-mail (which you can find here) with your shipping address, and I'll pass it on to Bronwyn. She's the one who will actually be mailing out these books, and since she's in Australia? Yeah, be patient. But trust me. So worth the wait!

For the rest of you unlucky folk - the UK edition of As Darkness Falls (the first book in the series!) is available for purchase over at Book Depository - which offers free worldwide shipping. Free shipping! For a UK edition! Trust me when I say you don't get that offer every day - especially when you live in North America.

Thanks for playing along at home everybody, and many thanks to Bronwyn for graciously offering this contest to Bat Cave readers.


Tara Marie said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited. I never enter book contests, but these books sounded great. Thank you and Bronwyn :)

Rosario said...

Congrats, Tara! I'm actually reading As Darkness Falls at the moment, and it's GOOD! Fortunately an Australian friend was wonderful enough to send me a copy of Dark Country, so I won't have to wait a few months until it comes out in the UK.

Bronwyn Parry said...

Congratulations, Tara - there's a parcel on it's way to you now!

Thank you to everyone who was interested enough in my books to enter - it's lovely for an author to see that enthusiasm :-)

And thank you, to Wendy, for taking the time to read, and to reflect on and review my books, and for hosting this contest. Blogger reviewers are such an important part of the reading culture now, and I think it's fantastic that there are so many reader-reviewers who take time to discuss their thoughts on so many books. I'm constantly in awe of you all :-)

Wendy said...

Tara: I really hope you like them!

Rosario: Ooooh, I can't WAIT to read your review. And I swear - you have book connections all over the world. I'm in awe :-)

Bronwyn: And thank you for suggesting the giveaway and offering to ship overseas! Very generous of you.