Friday, September 25, 2009

Pimpin' Harlequins. Again.

Harlequin Spice author, Victoria Janssen, has been showing off her love for category romance this week with a series of guest posts on her blog.

Which naturally means that yours truly, Librarian Harlequin Ho #1, just about fell all over herself when Victoria asked me if I wanted to participate.

That's where I am today. Hanging out with Victoria and pimpin' out some of my favorite Harlequins that are buried in the Bat Cave Keeper Stash. Book pimpage and a chance to add to your used bookstore treasure hunt list? It's win-win people!

Head on over and show me some love.


Victoria Janssen said...

Thanks so much for writing a post! I acquired your whole list, and have already read the Betsy Eliot.

Barbara said...

You and your love of Harlequins. I need a Harlequin stash to get me out of my slump!

Wendy said...

Victoria: I feel like I've been neglecting you with my lack of recs lately! My recent Harlequin reading hasn't been the greatest...sadly. Lucky for me I've got a loaded Sony Reader, so I'm sure I have the next great category read just waiting for me.

Barbara: Part of the reason my TBR is kinda scary (OK, a lot scary LOL) is that I have a massive amount of Harlequins. I just can't say no when it comes to UBS going out of business sales. I feel like it's my mission to rescue all the abandoned Harlequins! LOL