Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterback

For those of you who have only recently discovered this blog because of my last Ranty McRanty editorial post, this is the Honeymoon Is Over post. Yeah, I occasionally blog about stuff that nobody really cares about. Namely sports.

Tonight marks the first official game of the NFL regular season. This makes My Man very happy. He loves football. Loves it. If you cut him open, he would most likely bleed football. I also enjoy football, but I'll be honest - I really only started watching it because of him. See, we're one of those couples that has nothing in common. No really, we don't. If either one of us had resorted to Internet dating (we hooked up the old-fashioned way - getting drunk and meeting at a college fraternity party), we never would have been "matched." Since it seemed unlikely that he would take up reading romance novels, I decided to "learn" football. And glory be, I actually have come to enjoy it.

However this year is already looking like a slog for me. Why? Because gentle blog readers, I have the great misfortune of being a Buffalo Bills fan. It's not entirely my fault. I went to college in Buffalo, and sometime during those years when I was earning two degrees the university implanted a microchip in my brain rendering me a Bills fan for life.

It's hard to get excited about the football season when your team seems content to mire itself in mediocrity. Especially when this past off-season they could have done so much to make themselves suck a little less.

And no, signing Terrell Owens does not count as "doing something." We signed T.O. for one reason. The Old Goat who owns the Bills figured signing T.O. would sell more tickets. And T.O. signed with Buffalo (seriously, Buffalo?!?!) because he has officially pissed off too many people in the NFL. While I think T.O. is a talented receiver, I also know that you need someone who is going to throw him the ball - and hello? Trent Edwards? They still think Edwards is starting quarterback material? Really?

The starters didn't score one offensive touchdown during the preseason. Not one. You don't have to know jack about football to know that really sucks ass. This bit of ineptitude led to the firing of the offensive coordinator....already.

I haven't even gotten into what is passing for our offensive and defensive lines these days.

Oh and did I mention we're opening the season against the New England Patriots on Monday night? Yeah, that'll go well... /end sarcasm

It's a sad state of affairs that I'm more interested in watching the Detroit Lions this year than the Bills. Well, sober at any rate.

Yep, a bit difficult to muster up much enthusiasm. I should take heart though. As crappy as the Bills are likely to be this year? We're still not as big a suck-hole as the Oakland Raiders organization.

Now, to find myself a nice cushy bandwagon to jump on....


Kati said...


*Kati doing the booty dance*

Bah-bah-bah-baaaaaah. Football season baby!

Ehem. OK, well, I'd offer up the Skins bandwagon, but let's be honest, there's only despair, heartache, disappointment and crushed hopes there. So, I recommend da Steelers. I think those boys have a real future in the NFL. :wink:

If you're going NFC, how 'bout the Vikes? I hear they've got a new QB.

Yay! Football, BAYBEE!

iasa said...

I am excited for the upcoming season. Won't be long before my beloved Falcons break my heart again.

sybil said...

What is this game you speak of?

JenB said...

blah blah blah...

blah blah blah blah


blah blah blah

This is Jen skimming for useful info and finding none. NONE!

Same goes for Kati's blog this time of year too. ;)

Shannon Stacey said...

We don't have Bruschi anymore. Or Seymour.

I'm ticked about the season opener being on Monday night. I know people pretend it's an honor, but everybody knows Sunday afternoon is for football.

Waking up the kids on a school night when you're screaming obsenities at the refs sucks.

Tara Marie said...

As I type this my hubby is watching the Steelers and Titans. If it's football he's watching--pro, college, high school--he's a happy man.

We both grew up rooting for the Giants, though the hubby has a soft spot for the Jets--he was 10 when they won the Superbowl--now that's painful :)

Jo said...

See, I do football the smart way. I have a favorite team, but I don't watch. I do ocassionally hear a mention on the radio or maybe even ask how they're doing. And if the word isn't good, well, I wasn't that invested anyway...except when any Colts fans are around. Then I have to make it clear that they have poor taste - Bears all the way.

(BTW, not that I have any clue who he is, but supposedly they - the Bears - just signed a decent QB. And supposedly that's been the problem in past seasons. And supposedly this will make all the difference. See? I don't even need to watch.)

Amy said...

What Kati said -- da Steelers. "blink*

If for nothing else, you can watch them for the head coach, Mike Tomlin, because dude, that man has a poker face to beat all poker faces. Oh, and Troy Polamalu, for the hair -- all that glorious hair. That is, if he returns pretty quickly after his knee injury tonight.

Jennifer said...

I'm going to suggest the Steelers as well. I would suggest the Bears, but you seem to want a team that will win things and go far in the playoffs. Brian Urlacher is pretty exciting though . . .

Hilcia said...

Well then, you must have an idea of how I feel... being a Raider's fan and all. :( *crying here, more like balling*

Lynn M said...

My husband is from Buffalo, and I think he wants to be buried at Rich Stadium. We met in college, and I became a fan-in-law to a certain degree because, hey, trying to impress the new boyfriend. I supported him through the Four Superbowls Tragedies and even knew the names of a lot of the players. These days, however, I'm vaguely aware of when they win or lose and this is only because of what kind of mood he's in after the games. What's funny is that even though we now live in Chicago, my husband is doing his best to make sure our son is a Bills fan, not a Bears fan. He says it runs in the blood!

Cathy in AK said...

You do have to wonder how desperate Buffalo was to sign T.O. Sure he has great hands, but the mouth and 'tude that go with it? Oy.

I don't think my Giants are going to do well this year : ( Toomer, gone. Burress, gone (tho he was pretty much gone the latter half of '08 anyway). Some good defensive players and Brandon Jacobs and Co. for offense are still hot, but too many newbie hands to assure a glorious season. Maybe Seattle will come through for me *snort*

Is it too late to become a Steelers fan?

WV: elation...heh, not likely this season

Wendy said...

Kati: Ha! Yeah, apparently the Vikings have a new QB. What is his name again? LOL

Iasa: The Falcons still have Michael Turner. If he stays healthy (along with Matt Ryan), they could have a good showing this year.

Sybil: How is it that you have not been kicked out of Texas yet? LOL

JenB: Kati is better than I am. She tends to briefly mention football in posts that include other topics. Not me. I have entire posts devoted to my crappy Bills - LOL

Shannon: Best thing about living on the west coast? I can watch Monday Night Football in it's entirety and still get to bed at a decent hour. And I still can't wrap my mind around that Seymour trade.

Tara Marie: Jets should be better this year. I think that Sanchez kid from USC might be the answer for them.

Jo: Yep, the Bears got Jay "Get Me The Hell Out Of Denver" Cutler. And he is good. Has a cannon for an arm. I'm actually pulling for the Bears in that division, but I'm not sure they have enough weapons to get the job done.

Amy: According to ESPN, Polamalu "sprained the medial collateral ligament" in his left knee and will be out 3 to 6 weeks.

Jennifer: I love me some Brian Urlacher :)

Hilcia: Oh Hilica! I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry. I feel bad for long suffering Raiders fans. That front office is so screwed, and Al Davis is just...not well.

Lynn: Brace yourself Lynn. It's gonna be a long season. Although your hubby has been a Bills fan for a long time - so he's probably well aware of the writing on the wall.

Wendy said...

Cathy: They were desperate to sell tickets. Although with no clear line of succession for when Ralph Wilson dies (and The Old Goat is in his 90s!), I think their days in Buffalo are numbered. Whoever buys that team is going to want to move them to a more profitable market.

I think the Giants miss Burress this year. I think they miss him a lot. Although who knows in that division. It always seems so "up for grabs."

SonomaLass said...

You can come over to the Colts bandwagon if you want. Not that it is cushy, not by a long shot. We miss you, Coach Dungy!

I was all set to root for Buffalo this year, on a secondary level. because they signed one of my favorite former Colts, Domenic Rhodes. But they cut him, so no dice.

I live deep in Raiders territory myself, and it's just a sad and sorry train wreck every season. I feel for the fans, I really do!

I'm so glad that you are a football fan. I <3 your blog even more now!

novelnelle said...

I'm soooo happy football is finally back. My husband is a Bills fan too and was so pumped at the beginning of last year... I've always watched the superbowls but only started watching the whole season two years ago. It took me a while to find a favourite team but after watching the Giants come thisclose to wrecking the patriots undefeated record (I'm so not a patriots fan) in midseason I was hooked - then when they actually beat them in the superbowl that was it for me. Plus I just love Eli Manning he just has this aw shucks look about him all the time.

Gah - I'm rambling. One last thing before I go I remember when I heard that Buffalo signed T.O. and I just looked at my husband and was like "Really?" "Buffalo?" "What were they thinking"

Anyhoo, I'm still holding out hope for Big Blue.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I am a lifelong Broncos fan and I was heartbroken when I saw my QB leave town. I started a fantasy football league with my nephews to help me keep interested in the NFL games.

Regards, Ruth

Lori said...

Sounds like we're all in a similar boat. My 9ers had a good preseason, but they'll be sure to disappoint me quickly, I have no doubt...

(as do my Colorado Buffaloes each year. Ugh)

Lesli Richardson said...

Buccaneers fan here. and Tampa Bay Lightning.

I feel your pain.

PK the Bookeemonster said...

Long time Cowboy fan here (yay! we got rid of TO!). I've had to become a Steelers secondary fan due to husband's long time preference. And the law goes in this household: anybody but the Broncos. Heard a good one about Mr. Diva Favre: the NFL's version of Cash for Clunkers. :)

Kate said...

I just have to say that this is my first time here, and it will not be my last. A book blog with football? Sign me up.

(I'm a Colts fan. They seem to find a way to break my heart every year, mostly related to Tom Brady, who in my mind is always referred to "that [expletive] Tom Brady.")

Wendy said...

SonomaLass: I don't know how Raiders fan deal. Higher alcohol consumption? Maybe?

Novelnelle: I have a thing for the Manning brothers. You're right. It's that "aw shucks ma'am" look they have about them.

Ruth: Well, Cutler threw 4 interceptions yesterday! Yikes! Although according to My Man, "he'll bounce back."

Lori: Singletary has them playing hard, so I think anything could happen. Although y'all still need a QB.

Lesli: Yeah, probably not a good year for Bucs fans :(

PK: I think we have another year of The Brett Farve Memorial Tour to look forward to. I suspect the Vikings will get a ton of local coverage even though I live about as far away from Minnesota as you can get :)

Kate: Football and baseball - although I try to keep the posts to a minimum to spare the non-sports-watching readers.