Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

I've got a variety of random "stuff" to blog about, so let's start off today's potpourri post with charity shall we?

The write-a-thon, read-a-thon to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation known as Unleash Your Story is in the works for the second year running. The event kicks off on August 31 and will run until September 28. If you are interested in participating, or making a donation, be sure to check out their web site for more information.

Oh, and yours truly is once again guest blogging over there during the event. Some of you may recall (OK, probably not) that I did a guest post last year and they asked me to return in 2009. And I said yes. Not sure when my post will be going live, but I'll be sure to post a link over here when it does.


Today is the Super Librarian's Father's birthday. It's a big milestone birthday too, not that all birthdays aren't special. Dad got his present in the mail this weekend and yes, I bought him Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee by Allen Barra on audiobook CD.

Yes, a biography about a ::shudder:: Yankee.

Growing up my father was a big time Yankee fan. It's a dark period in our family history, and frankly we don't like to talk about it much. Thank the good Lord he finally outgrew the affliction. He was young, impressionable and going through a rebellious period.

So why did I buy this for my father? Well, first off as much as I dislike the Yankees, I love Yogi. Hell, everybody loves Yogi. Also, this particular biography has gotten excellent reviews, so from a book-y standpoint, it was a good purchase.

Also, it made my Dad happy. That's really enough.


Now on to a subject that probably only AztecLady will care about. I got to the office yesterday morning after a round of weeding at one of our libraries to discover this in my in-box.

Yep, it's Dark Country, Bronwyn Parry's second romantic suspense novel that is sadly, once again, only being published in Australia next month. Some of you may recall that I read the author's first book, As Darkness Falls, last year and really enjoyed it.

The good news on that front? As Darkness Falls will be released in the UK on October 1. So for curious non-Australian, non-UK readers? You can order yourself a copy via or better yet? Get a copy via Book Depository where they offer free shipping. Wahoo!

I'm still crossing my fingers that some US publisher will come to their senses and pick up the rights to these books. Romantic suspense is a hard genre to pull off, and I think Parry really showed she had the chops in her first book (incidentally, an RWA Golden Heart winner).

Now I really need to get reading. My immediate TBR pile is maddening and I must read this book soon. Must, must, must!


Kate R said...

Excuse me? I care about it too. I LOVE THAT BRONWYN PARRY. And I wish her books would show up here, now.

Wendy said...

I was being flippant :) I knew AL would care because she liked As Darkness Falls as much as I did. Actually, maybe even more than I did.

I'm really hoping she gets picked up by a US publisher. We need more good romantic suspense. Says me. And everybody should always listen to me. Ha!

Barbara said...

Hey, oh, everyone knows the YANKEES rock!! ;)

azteclady said...

Wendy!!!! *tackle* *hug* yes, yes and yes!!!

I'm in the happy dancing stage myself (still) but I'm with you on the "must tackle immediate TBR soonest"

Still... pretty pretty shiny MINE!!!

*evil cackle in background*


Sorry 'bout that.

Happy b-day to Super Librarian's Dad!

JamiSings said...

Aw heck - I don't even like sports at all - think the world, or at least high school - would be better off without them and more concentration and money put into arts programs. And I even I LOVE Yogi!

nath said...

Cool stuff for your father! I hope he has a nice birthday :)

Wendy said...

Barbara: Oh, poor, poor brainwashed Barbara. A victim of geography - LOL.

AL: I need to unplug my damn TV. Hell, maybe I need to unplug my whole life! LOL Hopefully I'll manage to actually read it in September.

Jami: See. Proof in non-baseball types love Yogi. I love me some Yogi.

Nath: I think he's hitting the NASCAR race this weekend, so yeah - he'll have a good birthday.

Debora said...


My parents were big-time Yankees fans. My father played minor league ball and knew Billy Martin at some point of time. On my eighth birthday I got a puppy, a beagle-terrier I was happily anticipating naming Spot...but when Dad lead him in on the leash, Dad called for me to meet 'Yogi.' I had Yogi Berra for 15 years...

Of course, we all know that the Phillies are the bestest! (watching 'em beat the stuffing out of the Cubs--the fans are waving the white flags!)

Hugs, Debora

Renee said...

Hmmm...not a big rs fan, but after that endorsement, I'm going to have to check out the Bronwyn Parry. Man, I love The Book Depository! I find their "watch people shop" google map totally hypnotic. lol

Rosie said...

I will resist the insistent voice in my head telling me to add Bronwyn Parry to my tbb list because I have enough books to read already.

You know when you do your baseball schtick it's almost enough to make me watch it. Clever girl that your are. Although I don't know I could go so far as to cheer for Detroit.

Wendy said...

Debora: Yogi is a way better name for a dog than Spot. Your Dad was a clever man :-)

Renee: I tend to only order my erotica and erotic romance online - but I want to try Book Depository out cuz so many people rave about them. Off to see what their naughty book selection is like.....

Rosie: If you decide you wanna read it, let me know. I can totally hook you up.

And you couldn't cheer for Detroit, it would break GG's heart. BTW, I was thinking about him when the Indians had their player/fire sale before the trade deadline.

Barbara said...

LMAO! Pop quiz: Who has the BEST record in baseball? Hmmm...YANKEES!

It's not geography, my dear, it's greatness. *wink*

Alright, my husband made me say that, lol.