Friday, July 3, 2009

Linkie Goodness

Oh sure, Twitter is one of the worst time sucks ever invented, but it's also handy when it comes to staying on top of the happenings around Blog Land. Angela T, one of my fellow Romancing The Blog columnists, tweeted that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and has started her own wiki for upcoming African-American romances. Oh and look! Beverly Jenkins has a new historical coming out in October. And it looks pirate-y!

In other news, Rosie (who is not dead in a ditch) has posted another excellent column over at the Readers Gab blog on the Three E's For RWA. If you're a reader who is attending the RWA conference for the first time this year, or you're thinking about attending in the future? Yeah, read this column. It gives oodles of helpful insight. Also, be sure to check out a post about the RWA conference that Rosie did last year as well. I think "just readers" can get a lot out of the RWA conference, but you need to go into it with realistic expectations.

And in case you didn't see this already, Holly over at Book Binge is spearheading a drive to help a fellow blogger replace her book collection she recently lost in a fire. When I think about how I could have lost everything, including my own insanely over-the-top book collection, in last year's So. Cal. wild fires, it really gives me pause. If you have the means to contribute either gift cards or books, I encourage you to do so.


lustyreader said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the Three E's for RWA! As a dedicated reader, huge fan of the romance genre, and a resident of DC (1 metro stop away from the conference hotel) there is no way I am NOT going to at least the literacy signing. And that post made me feel much less nervous and unsure as a first time attendee!

Wendy said...

LustyReader: Yes, you must come to the Literacy Signing. I think every romance reader should experience it at least once in their lifetime. It's truly amazing, and really the coolest part of the whole conference.