Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Knew I Forgot Something

OK, here's the thing. I've been taking pictures. Honest. I got pictures of the White House and everything. But I've been bogarting Kristie's laptop while in the room, and I've been scratching out blogging time really late at night. Plus I'm lazy. Can't discount the lazy. So I think I'll save up all my pictures until I get home, download them all in one fell swoop, and throw them on my Flickr account.

I know this will make some of you impatient and unhappy....but I'm lazy. Can't discount the lazy. You'll get pictures. Honest. Just not immediately.

Anywho, today was sight-seeing day. Kristie blogged about this already - we took a trolley car and we had two different drivers. One good. One not so good. The good driver, I'm not kidding you, was named A-Train. Yep, A-Train. Seriously. I'm hoping that wasn't his real name. Cuz damn, if it was I bet kindergarten was hell. The other one was a former teacher, and no offense to Lil' Sis who reads my blog and is also a teacher, but this woman kept quizzing us. Hello? You're the tour guide. It's your job to tell us, not have us tell you. Geez.

My only goal today was getting to the Library Of Congress. Or as I like to call it....Mecca.

It's a librarian thing.

I saw the reading room. I saw a Gutenberg Bible. I saw some of Thomas Jefferson's library. Books owned by Thomas Jefferson people! I got pictures, I got souvenirs, and I controlled myself and didn't latch on to anybody official looking and beg for a job.

Or beg them to let me live there.

Either would be good.

After sightseeing, we hooked up with Barbara and AnimeJune. Eating, drinking and general merriment ensued. It's been so fabulous to talk about other readers about romance novels! Even when we don't always agree on said romance novels.

It was after dinner, laughs and fun that I noticed my right arm. Damn, I got sunburned. Now for those who have never met me in person - I'm so white that I'm see-through. Pale, pale, pale. The kind of evil complexion where if I stand out in the sun for 5 minutes I better be wearing SPF 45. So what do I do? I come to Washington D.C. where it's hot and humid and do not pack any sunscreen. I've had this complexion for 30+ years. Hello? Wendy? Anybody home? Where is your brain?! So now I have this sunburn on my right arm, and I'm rocking a sleeveless dress on RITA night. I'm gonna look lop-sided. Oh well. It's not the first time I'll look silly, nor will it be the last.

Tomorrow is the full rich day for me. It's the Librarian Event, the Literacy Signing, and probably a party afterwards. I imagine I'll be half dead on my feet, but heck this is RWA. Who needs sleep when you have caffeine and adrenaline?


Phyl said...

So glad to see you're having a fabulous time. And I totally get the LC=Mecca. Yeah, definitely a librarian thing. I love National Treasure 2, just to see the reading room in the movie.
Heh. I'm in a campground with free WiFi.

Taja said...

It sounds like you're having a good time! I hope your sunburn gets better soon. I burn rather easily, too. A few weeks ago I managed to get one on my ear.

Liza said...

I agree that the Library of Congress is Mecca too. I've never been, but if I ever go back to DC it will be my first stop.

When you buy sunscreen, pick up some aloe and your sunburn might be better by Saturday. Sounds like y'all are having a wonderful time.

nath said...

Hope you have a great time today!! :)

Ouch, I hope the sunburn doesn't hurt too much!! Sounds like you're having a great time so far!!

ugh, laziness sucks, I know! Ah well, I guess we'll have to be patient for your pics... and there's always Kristie's! :D

Jennie said...

I visited the Library of Congress when I was in DC about a month ago. It's so amazing. And I got a LoC pint glass and T-shirt. I love them. My boyfriend makes fun of me when I drink milk out of my librarian pint glass. But it holds beer sometimes too. ;)

Big Sis said...

Re: no sunblock

Smooth move Linn.

sybil said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, a touch burnt but in great company ;).

Wendy said...

Big Sis: Seriously. Like where the hell is my brain?

Sybil: Kristie and I send big smoochies to you!

Michelle said...

Hi Wendy,

I've worked in the Library of Congress for a month some years back - it was great! Well, the hot weather not so much, but otherwise.
Really great building, have you seen the round reading room? It's awesome.

Anyway, have fun in D.C.!

Michelle (German Librarian)

Wendy said...

Michelle: I did get to the see the reading room! I had seen pictures before, of course, but that's just not the same as seeing it in person.

sybil said...

Don't let her lose her camera ;)

Have enough fun for me too.

Wendy said...

Sybil: Ha ha funny girl! I read Kristie your comment :)

Lil Sis said...

Yeah, I know - those damn teachers! :)

No seriously - that quiz crap is annoying though. :)

Michelle said...

Wendy: I also liked the maze of corridors underground, I'm still amazed I didn't get lost there. ;-) Someday I'm writing a book about that, I'm sure.

I'll never forget when I was in the elevator with one of the security guards and he started singing 'I believe I can fly' from R. Kelly. It was amazing! :-)


Kelly Maher said...

Dude! Which tour were you on on Tuesday? I did the 11:30a one. BTW, me and my roommate scoped out the LOC job board after we got our reader cards that afternoon on our way to lunch in their cafeteria, and the only Librarian opening as of a week ago was for a cataloger.

Wendy said...

Kelly: I was there later. I think we made it to LoC around 2PM? It was in the afternoon anyway.