Monday, June 15, 2009

A Vast, Empty Place

I can't seem to put together cohesive blog post on just one topic this morning, so instead here's a happy round-up of all the "stuff" currently rattling around in Wendy's brain.


We currently are experiencing our normal slow-down around the office waiting for our new budget to be put in place. We're also trying not to break out into hysterics and begin weeping uncontrollably. As some of you are probably aware, the state of California is screwed. So firefighters, police, socials services, libraries, schools, and countless others are currently holding our collective breath to see how catastrophic it's going be. In the meantime, I'm rubbing my lucky rabbit's foot until all the fur falls off. If you're a romance author and see me crying in my cosmopolitan in the hotel bar at RWA the week of July 13 - you'll know why.


The Detroit Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite my irrational hatred for Mario Lemieux - I probably would have been cheering on Pittsburgh if not for the fact that they were playing the Wings. There was no joy in the Bat Cave on Friday night.


I'm thinking it's time for the Detroit Tigers to take Dontrelle Willis out behind the barn and shoot him. Hey, I understand taking a chance on the kid. He's a left-handed pitcher and has had some success in the big leagues. But signing him to a $20+ million contract right after we acquired him in a trade, and when he was already floundering down in Florida, was just all kinds of idiocy. Yesterday's game was just painful. My Man had to lock up all the knives for fear that I'd hurt myself.


My Man and I are getting ready for week three of regular exercise. We've been doing 1.5 mile walks 5-7 times a week. Today marks the day when the real torture begins. We start walking "The Hill" - a steep incline just down the street from us. I'll probably be begging someone to put me out of my misery by Wednesday. As for weight loss? Um, next to nothing. We are eating better, but not that much better. Frankly, I contend that if God wanted us to be skinny vegetables would taste better and he wouldn't have given us the cocoa tree.

Just sayin'.

In the meantime, we are both feeling better - so I guess that's something. The trick will be keeping the momentum going once summer hits So. Cal. and it's 150 degrees in the shade.


I've been on a reading tear for the past week, trying to clear out some of my Harlequin backlog, and am hoping I can keep up the pace. On that note, be sure to stop by The Good, The Bad, The Unread today, where we have a visit from Harlequin editor Marsha Zinberg. Oh, and there's a contest. A really cool contest. So be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win.


December said...

Hey - I'll be at RWA also, hopefully not crying into my beer. See ya there!

Tracy said...

Good for you for walking. I walk on the treadmill but it's not as fun! It's always so much harder in "real life" than on a piece of exercise equipment.

azteclady said...

Reading: yeah, I hear you--twelve books in a week.

Problem? can't finish ONE review *sigh*

Kristie said...

I was a complete disaster this weekend because of the Red Wings. I cried when they lost. I have way too much invested in them... I guess I need a life!

(By the way... I was thrilled that at least one Detroit team beat a Pittsburgh team on Friday but then they way their pitching fell apart made for one Kristie to avoid the news, newspapers, and various websites for the weekend.)

Wendy said...

December: Oh Lord - I hope there won't be a group of us sad sacks crying in the bar!

Tracy: It helps that My Man and I are walking together. Hopefully we won't get derailed by the heat or by my trip to D.C.

AL: Well here I was feeling all proud of myself for getting through 8 reads so far this month. 12? In a week? Of course I could probably read that much if I unplugged the damn TV (and computer)......

Kristie: Between our 4th and 5th starters melting down, and our veteran bats taking an extended siesta, Tigers baseball has been a mixed bag so far this season. We're in first place now - but for how long if this nonsense keeps up?

Ever since the lock-out I haven't been nearly as invested in hockey. My Man was the one who tuned into the Wings during the playoffs, while I was sort of half-paying attention in between flipping pages in whatever book I was reading.

azteclady said...

Wendy, insomnia makes for a lot of reading--but I do not recommend it.

Amy said...

Wendy, I was trying to drum up a post about Pittsburgh Nation over on my blog, and then the Pirates beat Detroit on, I decided against it. Whenever I seriously root for a team or city, they lose. ;-) i.e., Ohio State getting sacked so many times in the National Championship games.

Liza said...

I still have 4 or 5 reviews to write for books I've read in the last two weeks.

I start with a new trainer tomorrow. My last one pretty much dropped me with no notice, and it's taken me a while to look for a new one. I met him last night and I really hope he can help get me going again. Now if only I felt like cooking when I got home at night.

Wendy said...

AL: Um yeah. Insomnia is not an option. I've experienced it a couple of times in the past and it really, really sucks. You have my sympathies.

Amy: Which is why I've been resisting doing a "My Tigers Are In First Place Hooray!!!!" post. They're playing so crappy right now, I'm thinking they won't be staying in first place for long.

Liza: Tonight was the first night we walked "The Hill." Oh man, I'm hoping we can keep it up. It just about killed us (we're massively out of shape) - but I see a cute butt in my future if my will power stays intact :-)

azteclady said...

Wendy: thank you. Yesterday it was topped off by a lovely migraine that rendered me useless, but hey, I slept the whole night, so maybe the cycle is finally over.

May I say, though, that the little cartoon freaks me out? *shudder*

Wendy said...

AL: Yeah, the blood is a bit much. But I love that moment when he starts to get frustrated and starts pounding on the keyboard. That's me when the kerfuffle erupts on Romance Bloglandia ;)

Big Sis said...

The STUPID (stronger words may offend) play by play guy during game 7 called Mario Lemyuck "Mr. Hockey"!
Can you believe that CRAP (stronger words may offend)?!!!!
There is only ONE "Mr. Hockey" and he was not a cherry picker!

Wendy said...

Big Sis: Who knew you had such...umm....restraint? LOL

For your sake I hope Josh isn't watching too many Tigers games right now. Ugh. I almost threw something heavy at the TV last night.