Saturday, May 9, 2009

Throw Your Panties....

At Curtis Granderson. Seriously.

Last night, we "paused" the Tigers-Indians game while me, My Man and the Super Librarian parents ate dinner. And boy howdy, I'm glad we did. Curtis Granderson. Love of my life. Stud muffin. Not-so-secret crush. Robs Grady Sizemore of a hero-making walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 9th inning. Tigers win. Indians lose. Sizemore cries himself to sleep that night.

OK, so I'm not so sure about that last part. But a girl can dream.

Needless to say everyone in the Bat Cave living room (well except for Mom who was covering her ears) had thrown their arms up in the air and were whooping and carrying on. Beyond awesome.

And yeah, I know the Indian announcers suck....but I couldn't find video of the Tigers announcers who were suitably freaking out.


Mayberry Mom said...

Wow! That was an AWESOME catch!

I love baseball. So many great childhood memories revolve around baseball. My parents (and I!) are HUGE Milwaukee Brewer fans. I was 9 the year they went to the World Series. I remember playing outside with friends and we would know how the game was going by listening to our parent's yells coming from in the house!!

We also spent a lot of games in the right-field bleachers. aaaah summer!!

I also went to one World Series game with my dad. I'll never forget that day!!

Rosie said...

Wow! I made GG the die-hard-I-don't-know-why-I-still-follow-them Indians fan watch that. He winced. Or maybe it was his aching feet from his run today. I'm not sure which.

Wendy said...

Mayberry Mom: The replay doesn't really do it justice. Also it was kind of fitting that Granderson robbed Sizemore since they both play center field in the AL Central and are CONSTANTLY being compared to each other.

Rosie: OK, that's just mean. The whole game probably would have given him indigestion. Cliff Lee pitched a great game, and the Tigers scored their one run by the skin of their teeth. Seeing Grandy rob Grady of a walk-off homerun probably would have pushed him right over the edge!

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to my commenters thus far (and after) :)

Kristie said...

Sorry... can't have Granderson. He's all mine! Did you see the other great catch he made today?

Wendy said...

Kristie: I saw the replay. I actually missed the game today because I was out spending quality time with the fam. Great catch! Not as spectacular as robbing Sizemore, but still a great catch.

Kristie (J) said...

That was a mighty fine catch indeed!!!
And while on the topic of baseball - what does Your Man think of the Jays so far this year? Unbelievable says I. I asked the boys is they wanted to go to a game this summer and they both said they would. Hopefully the Jays pitching will continue and they will still be up there.

Oop - I just realized I boasted about the Jays on an avowed Tigers fan blog - sorry about that.

Wendy said...

Kristie: I think he's secretly pleased, but he's a born pessimist. I don't think he'll really allow himself to enjoy it until/unless the Jays are still playing well by the All-Star break.

It is a bit shocking since the Jays started the season with about half of their pitchers on the DL (and some of them out for the ENTIRE year). Really amazing.

Big Sis said...

I just happend to be assisting a patient at that very moment. I saw it, he didn't. I said, "hang on, you've gotta see the re-play...." and waited until he got to see it to finish what I was doing. We we're laughing and whooping it up like it was the world series. I love Granderson!